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The Prologue come the play specifically mentions the city. 

Two households, both alike in dignity,In same Verona, whereby we lay ours scene,

The adjective "fair" says that Verona is a beautiful city. It could likewise be a symbolic referral to that is inhabitants. One have the right to infer the the city...

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The Prologue come the play specifically mentions the city. 

Two households, both alike in dignity,In fair Verona, whereby we lay our scene,

The adjective "fair" suggests that Verona is a beautiful city. That could additionally be a symbolic recommendation to that inhabitants. One can infer the the city dwellers space reasonable civilization who room obedient and law-abiding. The word "civil" in the Prologue accentuates the reality that the citizens of the city room ordinary, well-mannered individuals. However, their tranquility is disturbed by the ongoing battle between the dwellings of Capulet and Montague. Members of the two houses are repeatedly at each other"s throats due to the fact that of an er old feud.

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Many commentators imply that Shakespeare"s penchant for setup his dram in Italian areas is derived from the reality that plenty of of his contemporaries had a lively interest in the country. Countless Elizabethan travelers had actually gone come Italy as tourists, and also it seems as if the Elizabethans to be fascinated through the country. Italy had an air of secret and romance around it that intrigued the Elizabethan public. 

By selecting Verona together the setup for maybe his most well known tragedy, Shakespeare catered come Elizabethan society"s taste for mystery, romance, and also drama. His audience, then, must have been for sure fascinated by the intrigue - even much more than we space now. As it is, the play"s popularity, then and now, has encouraged thousands to visit the city in an attempt to recapture, in part way, what Romeo and Juliet"s stays would have actually been like.