How will you obtain your brand-new mattress home? part mattress stores might have committed delivery teams at an extra cost, but take the time to consider all of your options.

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Get this: relying on the dimension of your brand-new mattress or just how it is packaged, you might not require anything bigger than a four door sedan to take it it home.

Planning to take home the mattress yourself? If it is a timeless mattress, the mattress dimensions will identify what size of automobile you need. If you nothing have access to a pickup truck or cargo van, a full size mattress will likely be the largest size you have the right to haul.

King. 76 inch x 80 inches. A king-sized mattress is commonly the largest size most people opt to buy. Girlfriend will need a pickup van or cargo van because that a traditional King mattress.

Queen. 60 inches x 80 inches. Like the King size, you will require a pickup van or cargo van for a Queen mattress.

Full. 54 customs x 75 inches. A complete mattress may fit in a huge SUV. Lug bungee cords simply in case. You might need to usage the roof rack.

Twin. 38 customs x 75 inches. The is feasible to to the right a twin mattress in a variety of automobile sizes. If you room able to bending the mattress there is no damaging it, even better.


Does your mattress manufacturer or retailer sell compressed memory foam or hybrid mattresses? If you choose to acquisition a compressed mattress, you room going to have an extremely easy time carrying it. A compressed and rolled mattress is economical and user friendly due to the fact that it is practically to store and transport. The manufacturer simply removes the “air” to shrink the file to a controlled size. The procedure does not harm the contents.

A large sedan can fit a compressed king-sized mattress through some clever maneuvering. A mid to big size SUV deserve to haul one with relative ease. did you recognize that that is even possible to haul a compressed pair mattress ~ above a bicycle

Mattresses sold and also shipped through The Bed Boss always come compressed.

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save in mind the compression procedure does not damage the mattress. In fact, the procedure demands a superior building in order for the mattress to completely inflate after months of compression. By compressing our mattresses to conserve on shipping and storage costs, we deserve to pass the savings on to our valued customers at The Bed Boss.


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