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Anyone who"s ever been a sporting activities fan has had moments when they wanted to scream at a team for play poorly. And, it"s most likely safe come say, everyone who"s ever before owned a sports team has actually had plenty of of those moments too, and, in every likelihood, has sometimes been can not to stand up to an in-the-moment advice to allow it paris in the private boundaries of a locker room or office.

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But despite the occasional media leak, or faux-tough publicly comments around the on-field product, most owners save these things private. And then there"s previous Padres owner ray Kroc, who in 1974 let out his McFury end the public deal with system — throughout a game and also in prior of 39,000 fans.

During the April 9, 1974, home opener against the Astros, Kroc, that was in just his fourth game together Padres owner and also was far better known as the founder of McDonald"s, supposedly couldn"t take it anymore throughout the eighth inning of san Diego"s 9-5 loss come Houston.

"Ladies and also gentlemen, I suffer with you," Kroc, 72, blared end the PA system — just prior to a streaker ran on the field and also hogged some attention. "Get that streaker turn off the field. Litter him in jail."

Kroc, undeterred, continued.

"I have great news and also bad news," the told the crowd, follow to a Sporting News report in ~ the time. "The an excellent news is the the Dodgers drew 31,000 for your opener and also we"ve attracted 39,000 because that ours. The bad news is that this is the many stupid baseball playing I"ve ever seen."

The crowd roared through approval.


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As Kroc placed the team on blast, the Padres to be minutes from an 0-4 start to the 1974 season. Your game versus Houston had been ugly indigenous the beginning, as beginning pitcher Steve Arlin allowed six hits and also five earned operation in the first inning, kicking turn off his season through a 45.00 ERA. However none that this to be a surprise, except to Kroc.

When that bought the team, Kroc was seen rather as a savior for baseball in mountain Diego. In their five seasons the existence, the Padres had lost 100 or an ext games 3 times. In 1973, the team finished 60-102, therefore Kroc, reportedly feeling optimistic, expected better days ahead. Yet in the very first three gamings of 1974, the Padres were outscored 25-2. Still, Kroc appeared hopeful.

"With her help, and God"s help, we"ll offer "em hell tonight," the told the crowd throughout pregame ceremonies.

The Astros obtained no hell.

By the eighth inning, Kroc might"ve been second-guessing himself, which maybe is what triggered him come spit fire over the PA system. His players weren"t pleased, obviously.

"I wish Mr. Kroc hadn"t excellent that," Padres slugger and future hall of Famer Willie McCovey told reporters after the game. "I"ve never heard anything choose that in mine 19 years in baseball. Nobody of united state likes being called stupid. We"re pros and we"re doing the finest we can. His words will certainly ring in the players" ear for a long time."

Astros players to be equally take away aback.

"I couldn"t think it," Houston pitcher Claude Osteen said. "He"ll have to learn that you can"t to buy success in this game." 

Commissioner Bowie Kuhn and MLBPA executive Marvin müller both demanded apologies. Kroc obliged, later saying his comment were fueled by a desire to placed his client first, like at McDonald"s. He also said the the streaker who interrupted the "just included gas come the fire."

"I supplied a bad an option of words, and I"m sorry," the said. "I was bitterly disappointed and embarrassed before almost 40,000 people. Ns should have actually said the team wasn"t playing good ball and also have urged the fans to stick through us, we"ll get better. In fact, ns shouldn"t have actually gone on (the PA system) in ~ all. However once you speak a thing, you"re stuck to it."

He continued: " was sort of a number of speech. It to be nothing personal. I"m afraid ns talked there is no thinking."

And, finally: "I don"t desire to gain off on the not correct foot" in san Diego. 

Though one can think it near-impossible to recuperate from together a an initial impression, Kroc somehow pulled it off. The Padres didn"t win much throughout Kroc"s tenure as owner — they again go 60-102 in 1974 — but he owned the team till his fatality in 1984, a season in which mountain Diego visited the World series — v commemorative "RAK" initials on their sleeves. He to be inducted right into the Padres hall of call in 1999.

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Unfortunately, there"s no video available that Kroc"s big microphone performance on April 9, 1974, for this reason the full experience is left as much as our imaginations. But here"s video of him throwing out the very first pitch at the 1978 All-Star Game.