Load Balancing Feature


Using this feature, girlfriend will have the ability to manage a load well balanced environment.

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It means that the pack of all your individuals will be distributed in between your servers. The workload will certainly be shared between all the servers of your farm.

Load Balancing permits to usage an unlimited variety of servers with load balancing, and is easily accessible with the companies edition (one valid license per server).This very powerful and advanced capacity is to be provided when a huge number of users/servers needs to be deployed.

Warning : pack Balancing is no compatible v the Gateway feature (allowing girlfriend to entrust servers come users/groups, check out this documentation for an ext information.)


Usually we recommend using one server for 50 concurrent users.For traditional commercial application written in VB, C, C++, Delphi or Uniface you have the right to go as much as 100 concurrent usersespecially if you decide to use XP 64-bit which, follow to our experience, tops most operating systems yielded by Microsoft.XP or windows 7 are much more stable operating systems. For W7, us recommend to use the 64-bit version.

Generated Clients and also Web Access

There room three means to connect to a Load well balanced cluster:

Using a Web Portal Access through activating the on the net Portal choices window.

Load Balancing key Window

The fill Balancing Manager can be discovered under the farm Tab the the AdminTool:

The main home window allows you come configure pack Balancing.It lists every the servers in her Load balanced server farm, and enables you to include a brand-new server (by clicking the "Add a new Server" button) or screens an existing server (by clicking on it).It also permits you to enable, disable and configure the pack Balancing (more ~ above this below).

Click top top the buttons in the picture below to access the matching information:


Enabling/Disabling load Balancing

On height of the fill Balancing window, girlfriend will view a large button:

This switch displays the current state the the load Balancing.If you click it, the will permit or disable the fill Balancing depending on its current state.

Here is the button when the fill Balancing is Disabled. A click it will certainly activate it and disable the Users/Servers Assignment.


Here is the switch when the pack Balancing is Enabled. A click it will certainly deactivate it and enable the Users/Servers Assignment.

How does pack Balancing pick a server?

When fill Balancing is enabled, the user will be sent to the less loaded server at the moment of his connection.

Configuring the Computation of Servers" Loads

To determinate i beg your pardon is the much less loaded server, the fill of every server is computed making use of a load average in between several power indicators:

number of connected usersprocessor usagememory usagedisk usage

You deserve to modify the weight (importance) of these signs by utilizing the complying with sliders:


Using these sliders, girlfriend will have the ability to fine-tune the pack Balancing, and also to optimize it come your very own needs.For instance if your customers launch a business application with huge memory requirements,it could be a an excellent idea to boost the affect of the lamb in the pack computation utilizing the "Memory" slider.

You can likewise reset these values by clicking on the "Back come Default Settings" button.

How is Server"s load computed?

The fill of each server is computed when required in bespeak to decision on i m sorry server the user should be sent.

For this computation, we use a weighted average between 4 hardware metrics.

The 4 sliders enable you come give more (or less) weight on every of these metrics, i beg your pardon are:

Users : variety of connected usersCPU : portion of non-idle processor timeMemory : portion of provided memoryI/O : portion of non-idle disc time

For example, if you placed the "Memory" slider on its best side and also all the various other sliders on their left side,the fill of each servers will be computed using practically only the percentage of supplied memory - and also your individuals will be sent out to the server having actually the most obtainable memory.

When a slider is completely on the left, the weight provided in load computation will be 1.When a slider is completely on the left, the weight supplied in fill computation will be 100.

Moreover, the fill of a given server relies on the proportion < supplied resources / full resources > ;so if a server A is double as powerful as a server B, twice an ext users should be sent out to server A 보다 to server B (all other things being equals).

Adding a new Server

To include a brand-new server, simply click the "Add a new Server" button. The following home window will it is in displayed:


The "Display Name" is the location that will be displayed to your users on the Web accessibility HTML page.It is an alleged to be an ext user-friendly than a technological value (such together an IP), for circumstances "US Server" or "Blue Zone".

The server deal with is reachable with http or https ports.

When using fill Balancing, the "RDP Port" will certainly not be used. It is only provided when connecting using a created Client. We recommend you to save the default setting ("Same together web").

You additionally have the possibility to permit or disable the server.

Load-balance just on user"s assigned servers

Load-balancing can also be done directly on user’s assigned server making use of the checkbox “Balance top top user’s assigned servers”As a result, friend will have the ability to load-balance on bookkeeping department servers only for accountant users, as soon as these details servers have actually been assigned come the accountant users.


Editing an present Server

To modify an present server, simply click on the "Edit" button of the server you want to update. The following home window will it is in displayed:


The progress bar reflects the existing load the the server. It additionally confirms you that the server is well configured and also can it is in contacted by the Gateway.

Load Balancing using a link Client

You are not making use of the reverse Proxy function of the Gateway (default case)

This is the default situation if friend just mounted Terminal company Plus.In this case, if you want to create a Connection client to attach to a given Application server, then:

Do not inspect the "Use Load-Balancing" checkbox ~ above the on the Gateway Portal tab that the Connection customer Generator,


Use the public IP deal with or hostname the your application Server directly in the "Server" field.

However, if you want to generate a Connection client to connect to the less loaded server and use fill Balancing, then:

Check the "Use Load-Balancing" checkbox ~ above the Connection client Generator,


Use the public IP deal with or hostname of her Gateway Server directly in the "Server" field.

You space using the reverse Proxy function of the Gateway ("/~~" in URL)

See this page.

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Activating the pack Balancing because that a Gateway Portal access

Activating load Balancing is yes, really easy. It just takes three steps:

1) create a Web accessibility page through the option "Generate a Gateway Portal allowed Web Page" checked, by clicking the net Portal preferences tile of the net tab:



2) enable Load Balancing by clicking the "Enable/Disable fill Balancing" button (on the fill Balancing Manager, located on the farm tab the the AdminTool):


Activating the sticky session feature

Regardless the your link method, girlfriend will always be able come activate the sticky session function by clicking on the right switch of the load balancing window:


It will enable you come reconnect to a disconnected session instead of opened a new session top top a various server.