“Many guys in the homes of the Scholarshave had strange new ideas in the previous . . . Yet when the majority oftheir brother Scholars voted versus them, they abandoned theirideas, together all males must.”

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Equality 7-2521 writes from theforest to which he has actually fled the he has actually abandoned hope and believeshe will certainly sleep ~ above the grass because that a couple of days till the beasts cometo eat his body. The feels the he has actually aged a life time in this day.He recounts the events of the day: that is able come walk right intothe meeting of the human being Council of Scholars because there space noguards to prevent him. The very first thing that notices is the skies shiningin the windows and a painting on the wall, showing the twentymen who invented the candle. The shapeless creates of the scholarsare huddled approximately a lengthy table. As he enters, the scholars turnto him, but they do not know what come think. He addresses castle ina according to voice and in greeting.

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Collective 0-0009, the earliest andwisest of the scholars, asks Equality 7-2521 whohe is, and also Equality 7-2521 offers him hisname and tells the he is a street sweeper. The scholars room angryand scared the a street sweeper should have actually interrupted their meeting. Equality 7-2521 stopstheir murmurs by informing them that has brought them the best giftever gift to mankind, and also they listen to the while the tellsthem the story that the development of the lightbulb, the tunnel, andhis incarceration in the royal residence of Corrective Detention. The scholarshear out his story, however when he lights the lightbulb, castle becometerrified and huddle against the walls, trembling together. Equality 7-2521 laughsat them and also tells them that he has tamed the skies for them and also haspresented come them the vital of the earth.

Collective 0-0009 lambasts Equality 7-2521 forbreaking every the legislations of their society and also boasting the doingso. The other scholars start slinging insults and threats in ~ Equality 7-2521,telling him they will have him burned at the stake or lashed todeath. Equality 7-2521 tells them he doesnot treatment what they do with his body but that he desires them onlyto safeguard the light. The scholar tell him the what is no achievedcollectively cannot be great and what is not believed by all guys cannotbe true. They phone call him that there have frequently been scholars that thoughtthey had brilliants ideas, yet when your brothers poll againstthem, lock abandoned their work. They problem that the irradiate willruin the room of Candles, which was only recently establishedand took good labor to be ratified, and also that it will damage the plansof the world Council, without which not even the sun have the right to rise. Onescholar concludes that if the irradiate lightens the toil of men, itis evil due to the fact that toil is the finish for which guys exist. The scholarsconclude the the light will be destroyed.

Equality 7-2521 cannot abide thedestruction that the lightbulb, for this reason he bring away his invention and fleesthe council. That runs blindly until the collapses and also discovers heis in the Uncharted Forest, wherein he supposes he will die alone.He realizes, however, the he had actually been lying come himself, the hedid not create the light for his brothers yet rather for its ownsake. The does no regret building the light and pursuing his scientificdiscoveries, though he desire he could see the gold One again.

f this have to lighten the toil ofmen . . . Then it is a an excellent evil, because that men have actually no reason to existsave in toiling for various other men.”

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In collective 0-0009, rand exposesthe mastermind behind the death of the old world. Till we meetCollective 0-0009, we can suppose thatthe failings that Equality 7-2521’s societyare grounded in the failings of people who do not realize theirpotential or space stupid, weak, and helpless. Rand’s check out of thecollectivist society, however, holds that it systematically rejectsprogress and perpetuates hurtful cycles of working for others. Thusthe fail of modern technology stems not from the fail of scientiststo build technologies or the failure of the mean citizen totake advantage of those technologies, yet rather the failure ofthe world Council of scholars to involved a consensus about how toutilize the new technologies. Additionally, the the supervisory board is afraidof the lightbulb, even though Equality 7-2521 promisesto exploit its power for them. Your ingrained are afraid of brand-new thingsbecomes windy policy and makes a mechanism of the repression the progress.

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This distinction—that society at big rather 보다 certainindividuals space holding mankind back—is an extremely important come the politicalcriticism that Anthem makes. Rand is saying againsta position that holds the socialism and collectivism room fundamentallyuseful and great propositions however were merely executed poorly inRussia. This position holds that communist in Russia was a failurein big part since of the corruption, vanity, and also cruelty the menlike Josef Stalin, that lined their own pockets and also carried the end personalvendettas fairly than truly go after the good of the people. Rand,on the various other hand, believes the collectivism is evil and doomedto failure no matter how it is executed, and the individual that fightsfor his very own well-being over that of his brothers is the only effectivesolution to the difficulties inherent in collectivism.