What animals can remain underwater the longest without comes up because that air? Fish, of course! but no, that’s no what we mean. ~ all, they have actually gills and also don’t must go come the surface to breathe. This record is for animals that mostly live in the water but have lungs, like marine mammals, birds and also reptiles. They can’t filter oxygen indigenous the water, therefore they have to surface to breathe in and also out. Much more about lung breathing.

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Cuvier"s Beaked WhaleMammal3 h 42 min
Sperm WhaleMammal2 h
Weddell SealMammal1 h
Marine IguanaReptile30 min
WalrusMammal30 min
Sea CowMammal20 min
Emperor PenguinBird18-20 min
DugongMammal6 min
Sea OtterMammal5 min
OrcaMammal2 - 5 min
Polar BearMammal2 min

The Cuvier"s beaked whale can stay in the water much longer than any type of other animal. Reptiles like the maritime iguana and also birds like the emperor penguin additionally manage exceptional times.

Sperm Whale - Photo: Shane Gross/Shutterstock

How can Marine Mammals remain Underwater because that so Long?They reduce your heart frequency underwater. In some animals, their heart may beat as much as 120 times a minute the end of the water yet only 4-6 time a minute under the surface. The heart of a healthy human beats about 60-70 time a minute if you to be wondering. Specifically sporty world can have actually a heartbeat of 40 beats per minute.They have actually more cells, that transport oxyge.They have actually up to three times more blood than humans.They mainly store oxygen in their muscles and blood.

As a comparison: the world record for totally free diving is 11 minutes and 35 secs (in cost-free diving, the diver doesn’t take it an oxygen bottle v them underwater). This record was set by Stéphane Mifsud, native France. He continued to be underwater for nearly 12 minutes on one breath! His lung volume is approximately 2.7 gal (10.5 liters). This is virtually twice as lot as a typical human. You have the right to only attain this with years that training.

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AnimalLung capacity
Mouse0.033 oz (1 ml)
Rat0.33 oz (10 ml)
Human1.5 festival (6 l)
Blue Whale1,320 festival (5,000 l)

And finally: Why do these animals stay underwater because that so long? the one’s easy: they go hunting.

Did you Know?

There room also insects, that can stay underwater for a lengthy time. They breathe with their trachea and also have to surface as with lung breathers. But the water spider has an exceptional trick: it creates a diving bell!

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