1D v3 by architecture includes a substantial Sheet Goods, Glass, Glazing and also Panel Database. Users space able to create an unlimited quantity of various glazing and also panel specifications, from single Glass Panes, dual Glazed devices with heat edge spacer bars, Triple Glazed Units even Architectural Look-A-Like Spandrel panels, the list of glazing specifications is endless. 1D v3 Reports and also Schedules every Glass and also Glazing panels Specifications, Widths, Heights, Weights, Costs and also Quantities take off for all components created in ~ a project.


To help our Metric & royal users you re welcome find listed below the adhering to Glass Weights / physics Properties Data Tables because that ease of accurate production of Glass, Glazing and also Panel specifications within v3.

Glass Weight technical Data / physical Properties - imperial Units

Glass Thickness Inches (")Glass ThicknessDecimal inches (")Glass ThicknessMetric (mm)Weight lb/sq FootGlass Thickness inch (")Glass ThicknessDecimal inch (")Glass ThicknessMetric (mm)Weight lb/sq. Foot
1/8"0.125"3.175mm1.62 lb/sq Foot
5/32"0.156"3.96mm2.02 lb/sq Foot
3/16"0.1875"4.76mm2.43 lb/sq Foot
1/4"0.250"6.35mm3.24 lb/sq Foot
5/16"0.3125"7,94mm4.06 lb/sq Foot
3/8"0.375"9.525mm4.87 lb/sq Foot
1/2"0.5"12.7mm6.49 lb/sq Foot
5/8"0.625"15.875mm8.11 lb/sq Foot
3/4"0.750"19.05mm9.73 lb/sq Foot
7/8"0.875"22.225mm11.35 lb/sq Foot
1.0"1.00"25.4mm12.98 lb/sq Foot

Imperial Glass Weight technical Data calculation Note:

If you great to calculate royal Glass Thicknesses that room not provided on the table over then please undertake the following calculation:

Glass Thickness Decimal inch (“) multiplied by 0.0129765 multiplied by 1000 = weight lb/sq Foot

Example: 1.5″ multiplied by 0.0129765 multiply by 1000 = 19.46 lb/sq Foot

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Glass Weight technological Data / physical Properties - Metric Units

Glass ThicknessMetric (mm)Weight Kg/m²Glass ThicknessMetric (mm)Weight Kg/m²
3mm7.48 Kg/m²
4mm9.97 Kg/m²
5mm12.47 Kg/m²
6mm14.96 Kg/m²
8mm19.95 Kg/m²
10mm24.93 Kg/m²
12mm29.92 Kg/m²
15mm37.40 Kg/m²
19mm47.37 Kg/m²

Metric Glass Weight technological Data calculation Note:

If you wish to calculate Metric Glass Thicknesses that are not provided on the table over then please undertake the adhering to calculation:

Glass Thickness Metric (mm) multiplied by 2.49375  = Weight Kg/m2

Example: 38mm multiplied by 2.49375 = 94.76 Kg/m2

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