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Q. Are episodes that The Brady Bunch availbe on DVD?A. Correct - Paramount released The Brady Bunch top top DVD in 2005-2006. You have the right to purchase through Season or finish Set. Through Season: Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Season 4 & Season 5. Q. Was the new England Patriot"s quarterback, Tom Brady, ever part of The Brady Bunch?A. NO! - in 2001 ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown did a spoof (Download Clip) ~ above the climate rookie quarterback Tom Brady, implying the he to be the "Lost Brady". Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and also Mike Lookinland were part of the segment and also lead viewers to think that Tom Brady was on the original show and was cut out once the show went into re-runs. This is purely fiction. Tom Brady was born august 3, 1977 (3 years after The Brady Bunch stopped filming). Additionally, please remember that the Bradys room a fictional tv family and also of course Tom Brady is a genuine person.Q. Who was Phoebe Brady?A. Phoebe Brady was a advancement gimmick the Nickelodeon created in 1998 as soon as the Brady Bunch started airing on Nickelodeon. Phoebe was suspose to represent an evil fourth sister that whenever something bad happened top top the show, she was responsbile. The premise that the promotion was that as soon as the display went into reruns Phoebe was cut from the show since no one want to see a negative Brady. This whole principle which contained interviews through original cast members to be purely false.Q. What is Carol Brady"s full name?A. Carol Ann Tyler young name Brady. All this information comes from The Honeymoon episode. Ann is her middle name, Tyler is her maiden name and Martin is her previous married name.Q. What ever happened come Mike and Carol"s an initial spouses, the children"s other biological parents?A. We find out in the an initial episode the Mike"s wife passed away. However, the absence of Carol"s very first husband stays a mystery. Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of the show, want her to be divorced. The network want her to it is in a widow, believed being divorced was too risque for the times. The damage was that it was never addressed one way or the other.Q. What was the name of the family members dog and what ever happened to the girl"s cat?A. The dog"s name is Tiger. The cat, Fluffy, only appeared in the first episode. I beg your pardon was actually filmed end a year before any of the other episodes were ever before made. During that time the writers determined that two pets would be too complex and therefore never mentioned Fluffy again. I prefer to think the she was most likely the grandparents" cat, together the wedding go take ar at their house and that the cat ongoing to live with them.Q. When external shots that the Brady home are seen, what home was used?A. The residence used for the outside shots is situated at 11222 Dilling Street, phibìc Hollywood, CA. Ironically, the house is in truth a one-story ranch and an extra home window was suspended end the front of the residence to do it watch at despite it was 2 stories. The owner of the house over the year have built a big brick fence and let trees become overgrown to discourage sightseers from preventing by.As a side note, the fictional deal with of the Bradys to be 4222 Clinton Way, somewhere in California. The specific city was never said, but believed to be a Santa Monica, CA (Source, Brady, Brady, Brady through Sherwood & Lloyd Schwartz). Q. What was the phone call number in ~ the Brady Residence?A. 2 numbers were used: In very early episode 762-0799 was provided as the call number, however in later on seasons when Hollywood started giving all reflects 555-numbers, the Brady number was adjusted to 555-6161Q. What kind of vehicles walk the family drive?A. The Bradys both drive Chrysler coporation, group vehicles till the 4th season. Mike Brady journey a 1968 evade Polara convertible in the pilot; a 1969 Plymouth rage III in years one and two; a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible in year three; a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda convertible in year four (actually, a amendment 1971 model) and also a 1972 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible that same season. In season 5, Mike drive two various Chevy Caprice Convertibles. The very first was a 1973, red through a white interior, the second, a 1974 Caprice, red v a black color interior.

Carol, top top the other hand, drove only two vehicles: a 1970 Plymouth Satellite wagon, and also a 1971 Plymouth Satellite wagon (which took the "bunch" top top their notorious Grand Canyon trip). The vehicles to be loaned to Paramount through the Chrysler Corporation for filming. Incidentally, the 1969 Plymouth rage III convertible the "Mike Brady" drove was recently revived to showroom condition. There were numerous episodes wherein Carol�s 1970 Plymouth was watched in the former of the house turning into the driveway, but the 1971 Plymouth terminal Wagon appears in the back. It�s most likely that all exterior shots the the residence were filmed in ~ the very same time in 1969 for the first season, and not updated as soon as the new car came right into the show. Mike�s cars to be never shown in prior of the house.(Information noted by David Weiss)

Q. When the Bradys travel to Hawaii, wherein did they visit?A. Thanks to Scott E. Baker, we now have actually a travel overview to the sights come see when visiting Hawaii to walk in the Brady"s steps.

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