Unity of Command rule - Meaning

Unity the Command is just one of the Henri Fayol"s 14 principles of Management. This principle states that there should be just one superior to a subordinate. The is, an employee or a worker must not have many bosses or superiors. If one employee or subordinate needs to work under the influence of many bosses or superiors, climate it creates a confusing situation, dilemma and disorder. This additionally affects in its entirety efficiency, productivity and also profit the the organization.

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Thus, according to the rule of unified of command too numerous heads (bosses or superiors) must not ceo or supervise the same amount of work-related being done by a worker or an employee. In other words, the work-related of a worker or task of one employee must always be supervised by a single head.

example of unit of Command

Unity of command is described with the aid of adhering to diagrammatic e.g.


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In the over example, exactly Unity that Command flows from Manager come Assistant Manager, Assistant Manger to Supervisor, Supervisor to Executive, and finally from executive, management to workers.

According to the rule Of unity Of Command, the organization shall follow a correct Unity the Command. It should not connect through not correct Unity that Command as displayed in the above diagrammatic example.

advantages of unity of Command

Benefits or benefits of unified of Command are portrayed below.


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The merits or benefits of unified of command are provided as follows:

Better relationship among superior and subordinates.Clear and also well-organized Authority, Responsibility and also Accountability.Reduces and/or avoids duplication of work.Prompt or fast decision making.Good, effective and also efficient discipline.Better co-ordination and also team work.Boosts morale and positive perspective of workers.Leads to higher productivity that goods and also services.

Now let"s comment on each benefit or benefit of unified of Command.

1. Much better relationship

Unity of Command helps to construct a clear and better relationship among superior and subordinates.

2. Authority, responsibility and accountability

Unity the command outcomes in a clear and also well-organized Authority, Responsibility and also Accountability between various levels of workforce of the organization.

3. Reduces duplication that work

It helps to minimize and/or protect against duplication of work in between the assorted levels of workforce of the organization.

4. Notice or rapid decisions

The unified Of Command helps managers to take prompt or fast decisions properly.

5. Effective and efficient discipline

The unit of command ensures an effective and efficient technique within one organization.

6. Far better co-ordination and also team work

The unity of command ensures far better Co-ordination, and also Team occupational in the organization.

7. Increases morale and positive attitude

It rises morale and generates positive attitude amongst workers in the organization.

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8. Higher productivity

The unity of command leads to greater productivity the goods and services. This creates a much better image or goodwill the the organization in the market.