Introduction: utilizing Ultra Eliminex because that Weed Detox

Ultra Eliminex is a standard, reliable detox drink that might inadvertently mask drugs choose weed, alcohol, and also opiates and cause one to happen a drug test because that employment or other reasons. Examine your local laws to make certain it is legit to use a detoxification product in her jurisdiction.


Using Ultra Eliminex to pass a medicine test (for detoxification of drugs prefer cannabis sativa):

Ultra Eliminex is a detox product. Many of these products work by means of dilution. This way that Ultra Eliminex will certainly raise the water contents of your urine, thereby making any type of drug metabolites current far much less concentrated and less detectable.

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Ultra Eliminex because that THC detox description

Ultra Eliminex comes in a silver, 32-ounce bottle.


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Vitamin B6 – Yellow colorVitamin B12 yellow color, fat burningUva Ursi – diuretic herbTurmeric source Extract – fat burnerThiamine – yellow color, fat burnerSodium – electrolyteSelenium – steel detoxRiboflavin – b-vitamin, yellow color, fat burnerPotassium – electrolytePantothenic mountain – b-vitamin, yellow color, fat burnerNiacin is a b-vitamin the adds a yellow shade to the urineNettle root PowderMilk Thistle detoxifies her liverManganese may reduce the accuracy that a medicine testMagnesium – relaxes the bodyLigustrum Berry Extract – laxative effectLicorice source ExtractJuniper Berry Extract is a fat-burning herb.Guarana seeds Extract has actually natural stimulants that burn fat and work as a diuretic.Green Tea ExtractFolic mountain is vitamin B9 and maintains yellow urine and burns fatEchinacea Purpurea – decoding liver, enhance the immune systemDandelion leaf ExtractCreatine monohydrate raises creatinine levels so you can pass your test also with a diluted sample.Cornsilk Extract is supplied to cleanse her gastrointestinal tract.Cayenne Pepper Extract can improve the absorption of the drink.Calcium is in the form of an electrolyte salt.Burdock root is an natural diuretic.Biotin is B7, provides urine yellow, and also improves absorption.Apple Pectin – gastrointestinal cleanserVitamin D3 improves metabolismAlfalfa sheet Extract – herbal diuretic

How to use Ultra Eliminex Drink

Ultra Eliminex accuse For Detoxifying Cannabis

Use the following directions:

Stop utilizing drugs as soon as you know you have a test.Use Ultra Eliminex on the work of her test, 2 hours prior to the check is to begin.Shake your bottle up.Drink down the components for end 30 minutes.Pee 2 or 3 times.To submit your test. Don’t do the washing up the toilet together this might disqualify her sample.

Terms that product Use

(Product is no sold explicitly to to win urinalysis lab tests because that drugs in the pee or body, despite it is typically used properly for this purpose.)

Do not usage Ultra Eliminex if you room under 18. Stay away native the formula if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If friend have comprehensive allergies, it is in careful, and consult your doctor prior to using it.

Possible Side-Effects:

The ingredient in this drink space all-natural and also unlikely to cause any kind of side effects. Nothing drink too lot water as this is not forced as part of your detox. Ultra Eliminex already contains the water girlfriend need.

Manufacturer & Support:

ManufacturerHerbal Clean / BNG Enterprises
AddressBNG Enterprises

PO crate 1450

Tempe, AZ 85280

Phone number+1-800-943-3869
Customer company HoursMonday – Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time
Store Locator

Additional products For happen Testing

To pass a saliva test:

Herbal Clean does not create a product to happen a saliva test. The best means to happen a saliva check is just to usage hydrogen peroxide together a mouthwash. That is one oxidizer

To happen a urine drug test:

Master Tea supervisor Cleansing Same-Day decoding Formula – Tea for sooner or later detox.Premium decoding 7 Day complete Cleansing device – extended 7-day decoding regimen.QCarbo16 Same-Day decoding Drink – for those of regular weight, same-day detox.QCarbo20 clear Same-Day detox Drink – 20 oz. — This is because that those with heavy toxin level and higher body mass.QCarbo32 One-Step Same-Day decoding Drink – This is for heavy users.QChew dry Flavored Maximum stamin Detox tablet computers – because that those who want tablets instead of drinks.QPretox Master focused Detoxification Capsules – For prolonged detox.QTabs Maximum strength Detox and also Cleansing tablet computers – for moderate THC levels.Super QCaps Maximum strength Detox – 4 Capsules – For heavy users.

Pros and cons of Ultra Eliminex because that THC Detox

Does no contain danger herbs.Has creatine because that creatinine levelsProduces successful dilution resultsHas b-vitamins the adds a yellow shade to the urineDoes no truly detox however instead dilutesOne drink deserve to cost around $ 80If you drink too much water, you can gain a diluted an outcome and need to retestYou could be allergic to among the herbs

Weed Detox FAQ

Q: will lab tests because that probation discover it detectable? A: No. All ingredients space natural.

Q: how long does it last? A: It need to kick in in 2 hours and also then job-related for 5 hours.

Q: Directions close to me? wherein to to buy Ultra Eliminex? A: friend can gain it directly from the website or you can obtain it indigenous Amazon and many other renowned retailers.

Q: can it work-related for opiates and also for alcohol? A: effective dilution will work for any drug i beg your pardon can end up in the urine.

Ultra Eliminex evaluate Online









Results: does Ultra Eliminex yes, really work?

Our rating: 5 the end of 5 A

This is a usual dilution product. It has creatine, b-vitamins, and diuretic herbs. The will work-related if you use it 2 hours before your test and follow all instructions.


Make sure you haven’t consumed as much as 2 hours before you use your drink. Extra food in the stomach will readjust the dynamics of just how the drink is absorbed. However, the work of the test, many hours earlier, friend may try eating a huge steak as it likewise contains elevated levels of creatine and also b-vitamins i beg your pardon may help you pass your test.Don’t drink too lot water.Try to time her drink 2 hours prior to your test.Do no leave the drink or packaging all over it may be seen, also though it may be legal in your jurisdiction and also is no advertised as a detox drink.When you enter the test, use your mid-stream urine. The initial to pee to be expelled may contain much more contaminants.Do no flush the toilet before submitting her sample. Sometimes testers have to look in the restroom to check that girlfriend urinated and you might be disqualified if you flush the toilet. Many people forget this anyway and also most testers i will not ~ be for this reason strict about it, but if they currently suspect you, they may want to see evidence that you urinated in the cup and also in the toilet.

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Reasons it may not work:

Too dilute: If you perform not follow instructions, however instead drink lots and lots the water, you will certainly dilute your sample and also maybe disqualified or asked come retest. Drink a gallon of water in a short time could lead to fatal water intoxication or brain hemorrhage. The trick right here isn’t about drinking too lot water. All you need is the amount in the drink and to follow the instructions on the parcel precisely.You take it the drink as well early: as soon as you submit her test sample, you desire it come coincide with the time in which your urine is most dilute, yet has high creatinine levels and also b-vitamins to do it look favor it’s not dilute. It have to be shining yellow, maybe also with a tint of eco-friendly from the b-vitamins. If you an alert it is no yellow enough, take it a b-vitamin complex pill as instructed on the pill bottle. If you took her drink two hours prior to your test, you have 3 much more hours in i beg your pardon you desire the check to it is in done. Friend should have actually some urinary urgency and also bright yellow to pee the totality time. Now, if friend drink your detox drink 5 hours prior to your test, girlfriend may acquire a dilute result, depending on how efficiently your kidney work. If the test takes much longer than you think, gradually sip water, take tiny amounts the b-vitamins if you have them (break the fill right into ⅙).