My Xbox 360 instantly mirrors two red lights once I revolve it on—almost like it"s overheating. Is this the case?

I simply repaired the 3 ring top top it, and it showed up green from the start. I placed it back together, and now it goes directly to 2 red lights.

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To settle it the appropriate way, monitor the instructions in this video, to trust me it works. Https:// If the still does no work, try getting this inexpensive very rated kit on Xbox 360 Red Ring of fatality Fix Kit

Mine is definetly no overheating, go it instantly after being off for days. This emerged when ns was placing in one aftermarket computer system fan in and I acquired it connected and then I gained this error. Tried thermal paste, inspected the board for shorts, idk what come do.

i have the two red lamp only as soon as i"m on separation screen with two players, since i have played only with one player because that plenty that time and everything is i"m guessing i must re-paste the GPU...? if anyone have any idea i appreciate it :)






I settle xbox 360s as a side job. Please refrain from informing users to execute the the "overheating fix." Letting the xbox 360 overheat does much more damage come it.

The 2 red lights deserve to be led to by assorted things:

1). CPU is overheating

2). GPU is overheating

3). RAM has cold solder joints under them, mostly the 2 ram blocks left the the GPU.

I can"t tell you how countless customers have lugged me your xbox 360 for repair after ~ unsuccessfully law the "overheating fix." I commonly reflow the GPU through a experienced rework terminal (the GPU is the culprit many of the time). Xbox 360s which have been overheated repeated usually need that i swap the end the GPU, which requires a reball (expensive).

You can find out which issue the console is really having. When you watch the 2 flashing red lights, hold the sync switch on the console and also press the eject button. This will provide you some swiftly flashing red lights. Make note of how plenty of quadrants room doing this. Repeat this 3 much more times to acquire a 4 digit sequence.

Four rapidly flashing quadrants = a number 0

Three rapidly flashing quadrants = a numerical 3

Two swiftly flashing quadrants = a number 2

One quickly flashing quadrant = a numerical 1

With the 2 flashing red lights, you will most likely gain 0011 (CPU), 0012 (GPU), or 0013 (RAM).

If it"s 0013, you"ll most likely need a reflow top top the 2 RAM blocks left the the GPU. The various other two error password might call for a reflow of the CPU or GPU also, but is probably as result of the dried up OEM heat paste.

If you have actually the 3 flashing red lights, you carry out the very same sequence as over to get an error password sequence (most likely 0102, 0020, 0022, 0110, 0021, 0031, or 0103).

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Once again, never, ever do the overheating trick where you don"t plug the pan in.