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The joint resolution have the right to originate in one of two people branch the the legislature. The resolution should be adopted by a poll of at the very least two-thirds the the member of each home of the legislature. That quantities to a minimum that 100 votes in the residence of Representatives and also 21 votes in the Senate. Amendments might be suggest in either regular or special sessions. Joint resolutions endorsing a proposed amendment must encompass the text of the proposed constitution amendment and specify an election date. These joint resolutions may include much more than one proposed amendment. The legislature may contact an election for voter consideration of proposed constitution amendments on any date, as lengthy as choice authorities have sufficient time to provide notice to the voters and print the ballots. A quick explanatory statement of the nature of each proposed amendment, together with the ballot wording for each amendment, must be published twice in every newspaper in the state that prints main notices. The an initial notice should be released 50 come 60 days prior to the election. The second notice must be published on the same day that the subsequent week. The secretary the state should send a finish copy of every amendment to every county clerk, that must article it in the courthouse at least 30 days before the election. Constitution amendments take result when the official vote canvass confirms statewide majority approval, unless a later day is specified. Statewide election outcomes are tabulated through the secretary the state and also must be canvassed through the governor 15 come 30 days following the election.

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On February 15, 1876, the existing Texas state constitution take it effect. This version is the state"s fifth record since Texas accomplished statehood. Before entering the joined States, Texas had an additional two constitutions, the Coahuila y Tejas and also the 1836 structure of the Republic of Texas.<5> when statehood was achieved, Texas adopted a structure in 1845, 1861, 1866, 1869 and 1876.<6><7>

The present constitution consisted of 289 part organized into 17 write-ups when that was ratified in 1876. Because then, 211 brand-new sections have actually been added, and 66 the the original sections plus 49 the the included sections have actually been removed.

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<8> The Texas constitution is one the that longest and oldest still in effect.<8>