Think of your favorite teacher ever. What made them your favorite? You have the right to be that to a mini you. We’ll gain you began.

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Program Transfers

Madison College’s Education Pre-significant offers a structure in basic education that will collection students up for success in the Wisconsin-apshowed teacher-certification regimen wright here they intfinish to deliver. Transfer from a two-year college in order to complete a BA or BS level deserve to be an obstacle to navigate due to the many type of particular course demands. The education and learning Pre-major supports students in picking a regime and also picking courses that will certainly best enhance their teaching interests at their preferred move institution. Specific transport agreements are accessible for moving right into four-year colleges, consisting of Edgewood College’s School of Education. 

Though not itself a teacher-certification routine, the Education Pre-major is for students intending to teach at the K-12 level after completing their bachelor’s degree at a four-year school. For students interested in ending up being a teacher-caregiver from birth to age 6, please consider Madikid College’s Early Childhood Education Program.

For more information please email Penny Johnboy at PSJohnson1 

Current students have the right to find even more indevelopment on the Education Pre-significant SharePoint web page. You will be required to login with your Madichild College username and password.

Plan Your Path to Success!

To remain as much as date on your progression, be sure to view your advisement report regularly!

Program Details

Students earning the Associate of Arts level deserve to attfinish full or part time.

Liberal Arts Transfer classes might be available at these Madiboy College campuses:

Madikid - TruaxMadichild - Goodmale South CampusReedsburgPortageFort AtkinsonWatertown

Prospective routine students, the indevelopment below shows the standard demands for students admitted for the 2021-2022 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

Current and also recently admitted program students, go directly to your Degree Progress Report to view: Progress toward your particular requirements


To Apply

Earning a level is a great means to development your career development methods, so apply today!

International students that wish to use for, keep, or transfer their F-1 student visa condition to Madison College are forced to complete the International Admission Process.

Note: It is recommended to just apply for a semester that has actually already began if you are currently enrolled in classes or you have actually verified that classes are still obtainable for that semester.

Fall 2021 Application Dates

Application available on September 15, 2020Application completion deadline is November 15, 2021

Spring 2022 Application Dates

Application accessible on February 1, 2021Application completion deadline is April 15, 2022

Summer 2022 Application Dates

Application available on September 15, 2021Application completion deadline is July 15, 2022

Fall 2022 Application Dates

Application obtainable on September 15, 2021Application completion deadline is November 15, 2022

Spring 2023 Application Dates

Application obtainable on February 1, 2022Application completion deadline is April 15, 2023

1. Admission Application

The virtual application allows you to save your job-related as you finish it and ensures fast, secure shipment to our office.

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2. Education CompletionGraduation from high college, completion of GED/HSED/GED02, or completion of an associate level or higher is required; submit official transcripts for among the following:

High college or charter school tranmanuscript (present high college seniors might submit an in-development transcript) or GED02 transcriptGED/HSED score report

Career Outcomes

After completing your associate of arts level at Madikid College, you will be able to:

Use determined important thinking abilities to pose questions, procedure indevelopment and also make decisions.Engage in collaborative tasks in ways that contribute to the accomplishment of shared goals.Exhibit self-awareness and also self-management abilities necessary to succeed in progressively challenging academic atmospheres.Recognize the contributions of diverse societies, historic periods and art forms to the advancement of the humale condition in a global society.Compute and analyze quantitative information utilizing mathematical, statistical and logical methods to settle difficulties.Explore physical and social environments using scientific devices and approaches.Communicate through varied audiences by:Listening proactively in individual and skilled relationships.Reading and comprehfinishing created materials in the content areas at grade 14 level.Synthesizing and also arranging information for diverse audiences.Research a question by planning and also implementing an proper investigative strategy and manufacturing the outcomes in an scholastic record.