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2. Steering Safely

A skid happens whenever the tires shed their grip on the road. This is brought about in one of four ways:

Over-braking. Braking as well hard and locking increase the wheels. Skids likewise can take place when using the rate retarder as soon as the road is slippery.

Over-steering. turning the wheels an ext sharply 보다 the vehicle can turn.

Over-acceleration. supplying too lot power to the journey wheels, bring about them to spin.

Driving too Fast. Most severe skids an outcome from driving too rapid for roadway conditions. Drivers who change their control to problems don"t over-accelerate and also don"t have to over-brake or over-steer native too much speed.

2.19.1 - Drive-wheel Skids

Figure 2-19

By much the most usual skid is one in which the behind wheels lose traction through too much braking or acceleration. Skids caused by acceleration usually take place on ice or snow. Acquisition your foot turn off the accelerator can easily stop them. (If it is an extremely slippery, press the clutch in. Otherwise, the engine can keep the wheel from roll freely and also regaining traction.)

Rear wheel braking skids take place when the rear drive wheels lock. Since locked wheels have less traction 보다 rolling wheels, the behind wheels normally slide sideways in an effort to "catch up" v the former wheels. In a bus or right truck, the vehicle will slide sideways in a "spin out." through vehicles towing trailers, a drive-wheel skid can let the trailer push the towing car sideways, resulting in a suddenly jackknife. See number 2.19.

2.19.2 - Correcting a Drive-wheel Braking Skid

Do the following to correct a drive-wheel braking skid.

Stop Braking. This will certainly let the rear wheels role again, and keep the rear wheels native sliding any

Countersteer. as a automobile turns earlier on course, it has actually a tendency to save on turning. Unless you revolve the steering wheel conveniently the other way, friend may uncover yourself skidding in the contrary direction.

Learning to remain off the brake, revolve the steering wheel quickly, push in the clutch, and countersteer in a skid bring away a many practice. The best place to gain this exercise is on a huge driving selection or "skid pad."

2.19.3 - Front-wheel Skids

Driving too fast for conditions causes most front-wheel skids. Other reasons include absence of tread top top the former tires and also cargo loaded so not sufficient weight is on the prior axle. In a front-wheel skid, the front finish tends to go in a straight line regardless of exactly how much you revolve the steering wheel. Top top a really slippery surface, you may not be able to steer about a curve or turn.

When a front-wheel skid occurs, the only means to stop the skid is to let the vehicle slow down. Stop transforming and/or braking therefore hard. Slow-moving down as easily as possible without skidding.

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Subsections 2.17, 2.18, and also 2.19Test her Knowledge

stopping is not always the safest point to perform in one emergency. True or False? What room some benefits of walk right instead of left roughly an obstacle? What is an "escape ramp?" If a tires blows out, you need to put the brakes on difficult to protect against quickly. True or False? how do you understand if your car has antilock brakes? What is the appropriate braking an approach when control a car with antilock brakes? how do antilock brakes help you?

These questions might be on the test. If friend can"t answer them all, re-read subsections 2.17, 2.18, and also 2.19.