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How do I deal with my TI-84 Plus silver Edition if no one of the buttons will certainly work? 0 votes

How perform I solve my TI-84 Plus silver Edition if no one of the buttons will work?

askedJul 24, 2013by anonymous
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Will the calculator rotate on at all? If not, inspect the battery first. Over there is a tiny coin battery that stores memory for the an equipment behind whereby the continual batteries sit. This does not often fail, yet could reason the point to no power up. Note: removed the coin battery will clear any type of information save on her calculator.If the machine is stuck in an boundless loop, or is unresponsive with the liven icon, try pressing and holding the "2nd", left, right and "on" buttons in the order and holding them every at the very same time. This is the command to cancel whatever procedure the an equipment is working and clear the internal memory (At the very least on the TI-89. I"m no 100% certain the command works on one 84).

answeredJul 24, 2013by anonymousi have actually ti84 plus silver edition calculator, my calculator will revolve on yet it is grounding on "0"askedOct 6, 2014by anonymous 0 votes

for the 84+, together the ahead person has mentioned, make certain the calc ~ no stuck in an limitless loop. Push ON. If there room no results, simply pull one of the 4 main batteries; that fifth button cell is only used to finding crashes and help clear the ram. Insert the battery ago in, and turn the calc on.

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If your calculator remains unresponsive, I imply going to, due to the fact that many human being can aid you in the actual time.

answeredFeb 12, 2014by Luxen(3,450 points) 0 votesI had actually the exact same exact problem for mine TI 84 Plus silver- edition... Top top the ago of the calculator over there is a very small small switch i clicked since it said reset right next to it and also it perfectly worked!answeredFeb 20, 2014by cotton 0 votesOh! I review down and found the there is RESET switch on the back... Its yes, really small.Slide off the slip Off back Cover (what"s it because that anyway?) and about a 3rd of the method down the ago off to the left side, friend will watch the RESET Button... Girlfriend will need to poke the in with a tiny pointer or pen tip. As soon as I originally had this problem, the RESET button was so small that i did not notice it, and also "fixed" the problem by disconnecting the Battery, together I explain below, however apparently you carry out not need to go through that lot trouble. Oh! i THINK my Calculator froze up when I disconnected the USB cable indigenous the strength Adapter without very first turning the Calculator OFF, so I would recommend not connecting or disconnecting the USB from strength unless the Calculator is turn OFF. I looked in the little User"s Manual, and also the RESET switch on the ago is not mentioned. Apparently the manual was printed out prior to the design Team noticed the frozen UP trouble and added a RESET button to settle it, and I expect the p Counters the make the decisions at TI figured that would cost too much to edit and reprint the User"s Manuals. Initial Post: actually I came below to ask the exact same question. Yet what ns DID DO, was to slip the removeable black ago cover turn off of it, and that reveals the battery compartment hosted on by two little phillips head screws, which i removed, allowing the battery compartment covering to it is in removed. The battery is associated to the Calculator with a ribbon cable and what looks like a 5 or 6 pen connector. Ns pulled top top the connector and I to be able to eliminate it. This simulated a dead battery condition, and the calulator immediately shuts down. I carefully replugged in the connector; revived the battery ribbon connector to its guide slot, replaced the battery compartment lid; slipped ago on the ago cover, and turned the Calculator back on. It stated that lamb Memory was lost, however then ns CLEARED that message and added 2 + 2. The was working again.I think what ns did to frozen it up was to disconnect Charging Power v the USB Cable if the Calculator to be ON. Ns guess you need to turn the Calculator OFF prior to connecting or disconnecting indigenous power.answeredDec 10, 2014by anonymouseditedDec 10, 2014 Related inquiries 0 votes2 answers23,449 viewsNone of the buttons on mine ti 84 calculator workaskedAug 30, 2013by anonymousbuttons 0 votes1 answer507 viewsHow execute I usage the Ti-84 Plus silver Edition top top the computer to capture images that graphs?askedJul 25, 2013by anonymousscreenshots 0 votes0 answers473 viewsHow perform I charge my TI 84 plus C silver Edition calculator without the mini-b port?askedAug 17, 2014by cotton 0 votes1 answer1,709 viewsHow do i settle a ti84 graphing calculator the will revolve on yet no other buttons work?askedJun 11, 2014by anonymousfix 0 votes1 answer4,044 viewsNone of the buttons on mine ti-84 plus calculator room workingaskedSep 4, 2013by anonymousbuttons