Two projects describe the Three monarchs Day celebrations occurring on Jan. 6:


In most parts the Mexico, they think that the three Kings, or the Magi, traditionally Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar, visit the residences at dawn top top Jan. 6 to leave presents for kids who have behaved fine throughout the year.

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Children compose letters come the Magi questioning for the toys they would like. This legacy is based on the Biblical passage whereby the three kings lugged the kid Jesus gold, incense and also myrrh (Matthew 2:11).


Children in Cuernavaca, Mexico, wait to partake of the timeless Rosca de Reyes, or queens Cake, a bread v sugar and crystallized fruit.

Days before Jan. 6, parents buy gifts and hide them indigenous the children so they are surprised and believe the kings lugged the gifts.

On Jan. 6, the kids wake up early, impatient and also thrilled to discover the gifts left for them. The kids play v their toys all day lengthy with your siblings and also friends.

Families, offices, schools, neighbors, friends, in short, everyone partakes the the traditional Rosca de Reyes, or queens Cake, which is a bread in the form of a ring decorated v sugar and crystallized fruit.

Various little plastic dolls around an inch and also a half long are hidden inside to stand for the infant Jesus.

Each human being cuts his or her very own piece of cake, and those who uncover a doll within must bring tamales come everyone current on Feb. 2, the day when Mexican families bring the frosting of baby Jesus come the church because that a blessing.

According come the Bible, the is the day as soon as Mary and Joseph gift Jesus in the temple.

This legacy is practiced mostly in urban and suburban communities, due to the fact that families in rural locations do not have actually the economic means to carry out so.

-Written and also edited by: Daniel Luna, Alicia Garza Ramos and also Angelica Lozada in ~ the job in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Martha Meireles, Cuernavaca project coordinator, sent us this report.

Dominican Republic

The celebration event of Three monarchs Day is one of the best traditions in the Dominican Republic.

The celebration beginning Jan. 4 when youngsters write letter for the three queens describing the presents they want and put them in Christmas trees, on bed or offer them to your parents.

On Jan. 5 in the afternoon, kids find grass, water and food, and also place them under their beds because that the camels and also wise males to eat and also drink and also eat once they visit in ~ night.

On this day, children go come bed earlier than usual. As soon as the kids are asleep, parents location the presents under their bed or in ~ the Christmas tree and also take the food far to permit the youngsters know the three queens visited them.

At dawn, you have the right to hear in the street whistles, laughter and the sound the bikes, youngsters running and playing through their playthings after opened the gifts.

The celebration event is extended to the community due to the fact that the kids visit their next-door neighbors to show them their gifts, and the neighbors usually offer them other gifts left for them by the way men.

This legacy turns a regular day right into a magical day and also offers one unforgettable memory that will last all your lives.

This beautiful heritage is complete of faith and love holding a magical civilization of fantasies uniting families and communities.

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-Nelson Figueroa, task coordinator in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, sent us this report.