Multiple commonwealth agencies manage the nation’s land and also water resources. However, this agencies face challenges with protecting and managing these resources.

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A selection of agencies are responsible because that managing and protecting our nation’s land and water resources. The management of these sources is largely characterized by the battle to balance the need for greater use of these resources with the have to conserve and also protect them because that the benefit of future generations.

The federal government owns and manages about 650 million acre of soil in the unified States—about 30% the the nation’s total surface area. Four major federal land administration agencies—the room of Agriculture’s woodland Service and also the room of the Interior’s office of Land monitoring (BLM), Fish and Wildlife company (FWS), and National Park business (NPS)—are responsible for managing around 95% of this lands. Other prominent federal agencies connected in natural resources management encompass the bureau of Indian work (BIA), the national Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA), and the U.S. Army Corps of engineers (the Corps).

Federal Lands controlled by the woodland Service, bureau of soil Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Park Service


these agencies challenge a variety of challenges through effectively managing the nation’s herbal resources. For instance:


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