If you’re looking come teach your preschooler about the letter P, then having a go-to list of points that begin with P can really aid make homeschool planning much easier and much more enjoyable.

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This perform of native that begin with ns is additionally really handy for finding letter ns show and tell ideas. Simply scroll through the list (or print the PDF girlfriend can find at the bottom) to uncover what you’re looking for.


“P is because that …” activities and ideas you deserve to use this perform with

This letter p word list can assist you arrangement out your homeschool preschool letter of the main in a many of different ways. Right here are a couple of ways you have the right to use this list:

Find photos of this objects that start with p to assist build your child’s vocabulary.As you’re learning about the letter P, intentionally shot to use, allude out, and emphasize this letter ns words throughout the day.

There room a many of good ways you can use this letter ns word list. This are simply a couple of ideas for just how to usage this perform of letter ns words so you can develop fun “P is for….” tasks for your preschoolers together you plan your letter the the week because that them.

Words That begin With p for Kids

Now let’s acquire to the list of p words for kids. First I’ve provided all the the native that start with ns alphabetically. Underneath that list I’ve also sorted the letter ns word perform by category. If you scroll to the bottom that the short article you can additionally grab a cost-free printable list of points that begin with p that you deserve to print out and place in your homeschool planner to conveniently reference to as soon as you’re planning your homeschool weeks.

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PackagePadlockPaddle (noun)Paddle (verb)Paddle BallPailPaint (noun)Paint (verb)PaintbrushPainterPaintingPajamasPalacePaleontologistPalettePalm TreePamperPanPandaPantsPantherPaper BagPaperPaper ClipPaper PlateParadeParallelogramParisParkParkaParrotPartyPastaPeachPeacockPeanutPeanut ButterPearPeasPebblePelicanPenPencilPenguinPennsylvaniaPennyPentagonPeoplePepper (spice)Pepper (vegetable)PerformPersonPetPhotoPhotographerPianoPicassoPiccoloPicklePicturePiePigPigeonPilgrimsPillowPinPinataPineconePing PongPinkPinwheelPioneerPiratePitcher (for liquid)Pitcher (in baseball)PizzaPlanePlanetPlasticPlantPlatePlatypusPlumPlutoPolar BearPolicePolygonPondPoodlePopcornPopsiclePorcupinePostcardPotPotatoPourPrayPraying MantisPresentPresidentPretzelPrincePrincessPropellerPugPumaPumpkinPuppetPuppyPurplePursePuzzlePyramidPython

Animals That begin With P

PandaPantherParrotPeacockPelicanPenguinPetPigPigeonPlatypusPolar BearPoodlePorcupinePraying MantisPugPumaPuppyPython

Clothes That begin With P


Food that Starts with P

PastaPeachPeanutPeanut ButterPearPeasPepper (spice)Pepper (vegetable)PicklePiePizzaPlumPopcornPopsiclePretzelPumpkin

People That start With P

PainterPaleontologistPeoplePersonPhotographerPicassoPilgrimsPioneerPiratePitcher (in baseball)PolicePresidentPrincePrincess

Places That begin With P


Toys That start With P

Paddle BallPinataPing PongPinwheelPuppetPuzzle

Transportation that Starts v P

Paddle (noun)PlanePropeller

Verbs That start With P

Paddle (verb)Paint (verb)PamperPerformPray

Other p Words for Kids

PackagePadlockPailPaint (noun)PaintbrushPaintingPalettePalm TreePanPaper BagPaperPaper ClipPaper PlateParadeParallelogramPebblePenPencilPennyPentagonPhotoPianoPiccoloPicturePillowPinPineconePinkPitcher (for liquid)PlantPlasticPlatePolygonPostcardPotPourPresentPurplePyramid

Things That start With P complimentary Printable (Editable PDF)

Below you have the right to download a handy totally free printable list of things that begin with p that you can use in your homeschool planning. It consists of both the alphabetical and categorized lists. It’s likewise an editable PDF so that you have the right to add, edit, and also delete words to customize the list for only the words that start with ns you’d like to include. Print it out and also place it in your homeschool planning binder for quick reference together you arrangement your homeschool letter ns week.


Did ns forget any kind of other words that begin with p for children to learn? leave a comment listed below with any type of other indigenous I have to include. Plus, I’d love if girlfriend shared exactly how you’re making use of this letter p list in her homeschool planning!

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