There is no Jew nor Greek, there is neither servant nor complimentary man, over there is neither masculine nor female; because that you room all one in Christ Jesus.

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Just as Abraham to be justified by grace v trusting the word of the Lord, so we too are justified by grace through confidence in Christ Jesus - the living, incarnate native of God - yet the legislation that was offered to Israel through Moses led to an instant and bitter division to be collection up between Jew and Gentile. And that same law drew significant differences in between male and also female and between the free-man and the bond-slave.

However, in this Church period all those distinctions have been gotten rid of - because that there is no Jew nor Greek, no bond nor free. There is neither male nor female, young no one old - for we space all one in Christ Jesus ours Lord. All who have actually trusted in Christ together Saviour space equal in the eye of ours Heavenly dad - conserved by grace through belief in God"s only begotten Son.

All room justified in His eyes having been removed from the kingdom that darkness right into the kingdom that His too ~ Son. All have actually been put in Christ, and all are welcomed in the Beloved. All have actually been do a new creation in Christ, and all have actually been baptised by the divine Spirit right into the human body of Christ - i m sorry is the Church the God.
All are saints the God. All have the permanently indwelling divine Spirit of God, and all have a to be promised a priceless inheritance the is preserved in heaven for us - an eternal inheritance that is pure and also undefiled, that will certainly never change and will never ever decay.

There is currently no blame to for every who room in Christ Jesus. Spiritual death has to be removed, and we have all to be clothed in the justice of Christ. All have actually been freed native the slave-market that sin, for we all have actually been redeemed by the valuable blood of Christ - forgiven of ours sins, justification in the eyes of God, regenerated and also sealed, adopted and born again. We have actually all received the new-life of Christ which is being transformed by the divine Spirit, work by day, right into the likeness that Jesus Christ our Lord.

We have been do privileged ambassadors that God v a heavenly citizenship and life everlasting in Christ Jesus our Saviour. All have actually been made joint-heirs v Christ and also are life stones that room being fitted together into the dwelling place of God. We have actually all obtained power from over and the wealth of His grace... And we room all come fellowship in the suffering of ours Saviour - come share in His shame, to learn obedience through the things that we also suffer, and also in this people we will certainly all it is in hated, despised, rejected, and also persecuted for His services - however we all have received His enough grace for every little thing that we may be referred to as upon to face.

Though we all have actually our own unique gifting from God and also recognise the distinctions in between male and also female in the various ministries come which we might be called, we room all members the the body of Christ and as such there is no Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, over there is neither male nor female, because that we space all one in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

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Heavenly Father, thank You that I to be a member of Christ’s Body and accepted in Him. I have actually been redeemed and also forgiven, and made a child of God, with time and into eternity. Thank You that we space all one in Christ Jesus. In Jesus" name, AMEN.