Every as soon as in a while, for much better or worse, there’s a series of books that records like wildfire. Think the take care of Potter series, the Twilight books, or—the topic of this post—The Hunger games trilogy.Books prefer these not just gain huge popularity with readers but likewise make other writers choose up the genre and also put out comparable works.

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But why? What makes The Hunger games or any type of of the other trend-setting collection so popular?

There are many factors, but one of the key ones is that readers yes, really relate to the themes. And right now, we’re going come dive right into a couple of Hunger gamings themes and see what makes them for this reason interesting and also relatable—and hopefully offer you some principles for one essay.

Love & Sacrifice in The Hunger Games


Love is a layout that’s been written around since human being started composing in the an initial place. The Hunger gamings explores plenty of facets the love, however the one point it hits on most is that love frequently drives world to sacrifice your comfort, safety, and also even their own lives.

It every starts v the love Katniss has actually for Prim. Instead of letting her tiny sister face almost certain death, Katniss volunteer to take Prim’s location in the Hunger Games. Katniss doesn’t think she has actually a opportunity of winning, yet she desires to provide her sister a chance of living.

The point I liked most around this collection was the means it didn’t rely too greatly on romance. However, the doesn’t typical it’s devoid of romantic love. Peeta is head-over-heels because that Katniss, and he reflects that by sacrificing his safety to try to ensure hers.

It starts once they’re children. The purposely burned bread so that he can give it come Katniss when she was starving—even despite he knew his mother would get mad and also hit him. That sense of love and also sacrifice reflects up multiple times in the arena, native Peeta joining the Careers come trying (and failing) come power through his wounds so that Katniss wouldn’t placed herself in danger to acquire him medicine.

While yes a the majority of bloodshed in this series, love and also sacrifice are among the most ubiquitous Hunger games themes. However remember—The Hunger Games books are dystopian novels, not strictly love stories.

Control Through department in The Hunger Games


Since this is, ~ all, a dystopian series, among the Hunger games themes most civilization think that is that of totalitarian preeminence or regulate through division.

Suzanne Collins walk a good job of world-building as soon as she to be thinking about the government and governance that Panem. Each district is divided, and also most civilization aren’t allowed to overcome into another district. The districts all have one specific great they emphasis on producing. For ar 12 (Katniss’s district), it’s coal. District 11 focuses on agricultural products, etc.

Here’s why managing the districts is therefore effective—each ar only has actually one kind of key export and can’t move freely in between districts. In other words, the districts are fully reliant on the government to distribution the various other items they should survive.

The Capitol is completely divided from all the districts. The culture is lot different. In fact, human being in the Capitol don’t even send their kids to the Hunger Games, if every ar must have two tributes. This is likewise a method for the Capitol to preserve control.

The world of the Capitol check out the Hunger games as some kind of sporting event because they’re no personally invested in the Games. Lock don’t understand anyone who’s passed away in the Games, and that’s what enables them to continue. And because the Hunger Games proceed year after ~ year, President snow is able to instill fear into the districts on an annual basis.

Power move in The Hunger Games


Of course, you can’t just have a whole nation with districts the are totally cut turn off from one another. And what happens as soon as they’re no longer divided? strength struggles and also power shifts.

There room a lot of moments that develop up to the full-on rebellion that the third book. One of the very first is once Katniss sings to Rue and also lays flowers roughly her. This was transfer in every district and showed the two kids from different districts cared about each other. This moment additionally motivates the human being in ar 11 to start standing as much as their oppressors after that in the series.

And then you have actually District 13. Even though it’s diverted (the various other districts think 13 was wiped the end completely), the ar is quite strong. However, it would certainly be difficult to overthrow President eye if the world of ar 13 hadn’t connected with Plutarch Heavensbee, who knew his means around the Capitol and had the method to stealing a float jet when escaping to 13.

District 13 likewise needed Katniss, who was a symbol of the rebellion—the Mockingjay. Katniss to be a challenge everyone from every district recognized. An ext importantly, her kindness to Rue and people from other districts do people more willing to tape together.

Image in The Hunger Games


Out of every one of The Hunger gamings themes, the layout of picture or appearance is the one I prefer thinking about the most. No matter which personality you examine, you’ll find that each is much more than she or his appearance.

Katniss, for instance, is socially awkward and doesn’t know exactly how to schmooze while she’s in the Capitol, and that provides a lot of civilization in the Capitol think that she’s not going to do really well. But she come alive once she has actually a bow in she hand.

No human purposely place on more of picture than president Snow. The hides his hazards in hushed tones and flowery language—and that hides his dreadful mouth sores v actual flowers.

The illustration of the Capitol together a totality is colorful and shiny. However, we find out from Finnick that essentially everyone in the Capitol has actually some pretty dark secrets.

The arena is where image plays among the most essential roles. The rivals have to store up their photos (Katniss needs to pretend come be more in love v Peeta 보다 she actually is, because that instance) simply to gain extra items favor medicine.

The arena is additionally just one large illusion. The sky isn’t real, and also the monsters no real. It’s every manufactured. Yet it feels actual to the competitors—and the danger is most absolutely real.

(Writing about certain characters in the books? review 3 Hunger games Characters and also How come Write about Them for insight on exactly how to handle a personality analysis.)

Which Hunger Games design template Will You create About?

The above themes are simply four examples to obtain you began as you brainstorm her essay topic. There’s much an ext evidence to assistance both this themes and added themes you can discover on your own.

Here’s exactly how some various other students wrote about different Hunger gamings themes:

It’s vital to remember the your writing will certainly be its finest when you choose a topic the 1) has enough evidence to support your thesis and that 2) friend can attach with.

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