Designer and those who install fonts should be acquainted with the indigenous "The rapid brown fox jumps end the lazy dog". Yet do you recognize why the is not any kind of other text, but is this message appearing? Let"s uncover out with the post below.

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In English, words "quick brown fox jumps" over the lazy dog ​​is a pangram - a sentence, a phrase that contains all 26 alphabetical personalities in the alphabet. If you desire to touch-typing, try a typewriter, try a computer keyboard, . Or try any applications that needs to use all the letter in the English alphabet, people often pick to form The expression is both concise and also concise.


In English, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is quiet some other pangrams, however this expression is used by many people because it is straightforward and basic to remember.

On February 10, 1885, the Boston Journal very first used and also published the phrase "The rapid Dog end the Lazy Dog" in the morning newspaper through the development that this is a sentence that consists of all the native in the alphabet. What teachers usage for composing students ~ above typewriters.

When typewriters ended up being popular tools in the so late 19th century, this phrase often appeared as an exercise on keystroke books. And also by the 20th century, an ext and much more people knew this phrase.

On January 10, 1903, Pitman"s Phonetic journal in among his articles argued that this sentence to be the most widely offered alphabetical sentence.


This sentence is also used in the very first message via Moscow – Washington hotline, the official computer channel in between the US and also the Russian Federation to check & test the system. Throughout the experiment, the Russian translator replied and asked the American side around the definition of the text. Specifically, the response clearly states "What go it mean when your world say" absent the dog end the lazy dog? "" (Roughly translated: American side you speak "The brown fox jumps over a lazy dog") What attention?)

In the 20th century, this verse was additionally used by technicians to test the typewriter system or telegram.

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Today, this sentence is still frequently used to test the visibility that sample fonts or shot a computer system keyboard.