Observe the edge of this page. Place a leader along that edge. Allits edges space straight line. Right lines might be attracted in differentdirections and are provided three names. There space three different species of straight lines:

(i) Horizontal lines: The lines drawn horizontally are called horizontal lines.

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(iii) tilt or slanting lines: The linesdrawn in a slanting place are referred to as oblique or slanting lines.

The explanations on different types oflines will aid the children to understand the difference between the straightlines and also the curved lines and how the present are attracted in various directionsin geometry.

Let us recognize the lines with an activity.


Andrew wanted to understandthe directly lines and curved lines. His teacher told the to compose his name incapital letters and also observe each letter carefully.


A          N         D         R         E         W


Andrew to be happy the hisname has alphabets consisted of of different species of lines. 

Alphabets A, N, E and also W are written with horizontal, vertical and slanting lines.

Alphabets prefer D and R room written v curved lines.

Questions and Answers on Straight Lines and Curved Lines:

1. observe the number train carefully. Overcome the number which aremade up of only straight lines, mite the numbers which are consisted of of onlycurved lines and also circle the numbers which are comprised of both straight andcurved lines.

2. In the given photo color the horizontal lines blue, slant currently red, upright lines orange and also curved present green. Also write the variety of lines in the given space.

Number the Horizontal lines = __________

Number of vertical Lines    = __________

Number of Slant Lines       = __________

Number of curved Lines    = __________

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