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Prefixes are an essential morphemes in English vocabulary that start words. The Greek prefix hypo- is vital morpheme that the English language. Examples using this prefix encompass hypothermia and hypocritical. One easy means to remember the the prefix hypo- way “under” is v the adjective hypodermic, which refers to going “under” the skin, especially when being given a shot.

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hypo-under, below
critjudge, separate, decide
-alof or relating to

A hypocritical explain is a “separating under” or a “judging below” from the which is real.

No Hippo Under Hypo!

Prefixes are vital morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The prefix hypo- method “under.” Let’s acquire "under"way through our discussion of hypo-!

When a nurse offers a hypodermic needle, she desires to walk “under” the skin to administer a shot. The word hypodermic is regularly shortened to hypo. Speaking of clinical terminology, someone that is enduring from hypothermia has actually a body temperature the is significantly “under” 98.6 degrees,which often originates from being exposed to outside cold for too long. A hypoventilating patience is breathing too shallowly or “under” the normal rate of acquisition breaths. A hypochondriac, or one that is always really worried around his health, is etymologically enduring from gift “under” his rib cartilage; the abdomen, “under” the ribs, to be once thought to it is in the center of melancholy, which led to being depressed or too many anxious about overall health and wellness status. And a human being who is enduring from hypothyroidism has a thyroid the is functioning “under” its typical capacity, causing symptoms that depression, fatigue, and also hair loss, amongst other things.

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Let’s talk around two extr interesting words the come from hypo-, which way “under.” Every geometry student has heard that the hypotenuse that a triangle, but what go it have to do through “under?” The hypotenuse is the next of a right triangle that is extended “under,” or opposite, the appropriate angle. And what is someone favor who is hypocritical? who is being a hypocrite if he is pretending to it is in something the is not, for this reason being “under” vital by choosing to conveniently disregard in self what he might very well criticize in others.

No hypocrisy was current in this podcast, for us did lay a solid structure “under” your mind that the prefix hypo- way “under!”

hypodermic: pertaining come ‘under’ the skin hypo: short for hypodermic hypothermia: condition of having actually a ‘low’ body temperature hypoventilation: a breathing ‘under’ the common rate hypochondriac: one who is ’under’estimating his present health standing as poorer 보다 it really is hypothyroidism: an illness when the thyroid gland is work ‘under’ its typical output that thyroxine hypotenuse: next of a best triangle that is stretched ‘under’ the best angle hypocritical: gift ‘under’ vital of oneself once pretending to it is in something one is not