Did you understand that one year before playing Jimmy Olsen in 1978’s Superman: The Movie, Marc McClure showed up in a small short film called The phone Call? the was created by mine alma mater, Brigham Young University, so it has actually a special location in mine heart.

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The call Call tells the story of an awkward teenager who needs to work difficult to overcome his insecurities and ask a cute girl out on a date. There are a the majority of reasons to love this little 24-minute movie – and also Marc McClure’s lovable Scott character, in particular. And also I’m going to share 10 the them.

1. The is the initial karate kid. A skinny boy learns karate to fight a bully and win over his girlfriend. Sound familiar? Okay, lock not exactly the same. Scott division a single perforated wooden board with his bare hand when Daniel LaRusso breaks six blocks of ice at a time.

2. That lives simply down the street from Doc Brown. In The phone call Call, Scott claims he resides at 619 Riverside Drive, i beg your pardon is simply a mile far from Doc Brown’s 1955 address: 1640 Riverside Drive! They must have adjusted it to john F. Kennedy journey after 1977. Marc McClure went on come play Marty McFly’s huge brother Dave in the Back come the Future trilogy, and also maybe – just maybe – the knew Doc Brown, too.

3. He’s basically Peter Parker pre-spider bite. Scott dubs self “Your friendly neighborhood zero,” and also it’s fitting since he’s basically exactly how I snapshot Peter Parker prior to fate delivers superpowers to him. He also went on to end up being a photographer for a major metropolitan newspaper! Coincidence? ns think not.

4. Clark Kent should be jealousy of all the moment Scott spends in a call booth. Seriously, in ~ pretty much the exact same time that Superman: The Movie was joking around how difficult it is because that the man of steel to uncover a phone booth near the day-to-day Planet, this kid has no trouble finding one within walking distance of his malt shop. Some mild-mannered people get every the luck.

5. That is king that the azer conversation. want to hear the many uncomfortable little talk ever put to film? Skip to 10:33 in the video and sit earlier and enjoy the cringe, which lasts practically a full minute. He provides Napoleon Dynamite’s “1% milk” conversation look favor something indigenous a sleek pickup artist.

6. The weighs 26,000 grams. Scott proudly proclaims that he weighs 26,000 grams due to the fact that that makes him sound bigger. That comes the end to a skeletal 57.3 pounds! as the hero in Dr. Otto and the Riddle the the Gloom Beam says, “There is no an oz of fat on mine body! ns on the metric system.”

7. His thoughts and moods room reflected in the kind of bassoon music. girlfriend don’t normally hear the bassoon together a standalone instrument, but this short film has the audacity to primarily use the bassoon for its whole soundtrack. It works surprisingly well.

8. He points the end that a bassoon is not the same as a balloon. it is awfully thoughtful of him. Currently I’ll constantly remember how plenty of S’s room in words bassoon.

9. He dreams of having an electronic bassoon and beginning a rock band with it. I have actually no idea just how you would go about making an electronic bassoon, yet I’m certain someone has actually figured it out by now. Scott admits he hasn’t settled all the details, however I love the he has actually lofty dreams.

10. He has actually mastered the scientific research of teleportation. examine out the bizarre transition at about the 7:22 mark in the video. What is the all about? This isn’t Star Trek or The Fly, buddy.

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I hope you get a kick the end The phone Call and that friend enjoyed all of its relationships to The Karate Kid, Spider-Man, Superman, Back come the Future, Star Trek, and even Ernest movies.