We recognize when Billy Shears first appeared ~ above the scene. It was the first June 1967, the job on i beg your pardon the Beatles exit their lot anticipated masterwork album, “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club Band”. Billy’s name is there at the finish of the very very first song…


“I nothing really desire to protect against the show but I assumed that you can like to understand That the singer’s going to sing a song and he wants you every to sing along So let me present to friend The one and also only Billy Shears and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club Band.”

And climate Ringo Starr starts to sing…


Although the album to be based approximately an adopted identity the Beatles performing as “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts society Band” the idea the Ringo Starr can masquerading together Billy Shears to be too lot for part fans, an especially those living in America, the house of the conspiracy theory. They witnessed the ‘Sgt Pepper’ album as yet more proof that the on-going speculation that Paul McCartney had actually been killed in a auto crash top top Wednesday, November ninth 1966 and replaced with a look-a-like, sound-a-like referred to as William Campbell Shears a.k.a Billy Shears born in Shreveport, Louisiana ~ above September 16th, 1940.

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FACT Paul McCartney did have actually a young accident ~ above 26th Dec 1965 when he dropped off a moped, split his lip and also chipped a tooth. Embarrassed by his ‘fat lip’ he started to grow a moustache.

The Billy Shears story goes the in 1965 william Campbell Shears entered and won a Beatle ‘Look-a-Like’ competition stop by Brian Epstein who was trying to find Beatle doubles just in case one that his boys obtained killed. No winners were ever announced because that this competition. After ~ Paul was ‘killed’ in 1966 Brian Epstein is claimed to have bribed police and journalists to store the accident under wraps. That then persuaded the staying Beatles to stay together and accept william Campbell Shears as a replacement. That course wilhelm Campbell Shears was as equally talented, charming and also witty as the original Paul… and although he to be an American he conveniently assumed Paul’s distinctive Liverpool accent!. With a tiny plastic surgery he likewise assumed Paul’s baby faced great looks. According to the ‘Paul is Dead’ thinkers Paul’s death explains why the band stopped touring in 1966, and started growing beards!


The conspirators go to massive lengths trying come prove their point. Follow to them over there is a an enig phone number surprise in the stars consisting of the title on the sleeve of the “Magical secret Tour” album. Ring it and you will hear a true account the Paul’s death. The photo of the Beatles ~ above the zebra crossing on the sleeve that Abbey roadway is expected to stand for a funeral procession. The truth that Paul (i.e william Campbell Shears) is barefooted confirms it! The white VW Beetle in the background v the number key ‘28 IF’ argues that Paul would have been 28 years old - IF he had actually survived. The so called ‘clues’ walk on and also on. Behind messages concealed on records, unexplained photographs, the OPD badge that ‘Paul’ is put on on the an elaborate blue uniform that he is put on on the ‘Sgt Pepper’ sleeve being official police slang because that “Officially express Dead”, the very first line of “She’s leaving Home” - “Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock together the job begins” as published on the Sgt Pepper sleeve being a straight reference to the time of Paul’s death on Wednesday 9th November 1966.


FACT The badge that Paul is put on on his sophisticated blue uniform on the album sleeve the ‘Sgt Pepper’ in reality reads O.P.P, one of four given to the Beatles by the Toronto ‘Ontario Provincial Police’ ~ above 28th September 1964

On and also on the falsehoods go. Take it a mirror and lay that horizontally across the center of the drum skin ~ above the artwork top top the prior cover that the Sgt Pepper sleeve and it reads…



….a clear reference in thinkers minds come the days of Paul’s death in roman numerals ns ONE = 11 (i.e November) and IX = 9.


The final clues came with the Beatles critical album ‘Let it Be’. The sleeve is black color - an proper colour because that a funeral card. Whereas all the other Beatles are dealing with to one side Paul (i.e Billy Shears) is looking straight at the viewer versus a blood red background. Spooky!

In numerous ways the identity of Billy Shears is clean enough. Best from the beginning of “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts society Band” it is noticeable that the Beatles are pretending to be other civilization - “We’re Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts society Band” lock sing. Then Paul McCartney introduces the singer comes up ~ above the following song… “So allow me introduce to girlfriend the one and also only Billy Shears” and Ringo starts to sing.

In 1977 man Lennon composed a track for Ringo and also recorded it with him. That is called “I’m the Greatest”. Throughout the tune Ringo, because that the advantage of the numbnuts the end there, confirms the true identity of Billy Shears. Hear carefully…

You have the right to find more information about the “Paul is Dead” conspiracy in “The great Beatle death Clues” by R. Gary Patterson released by Robson Books.

– native Martyn Day


Backwards masking and all the other recording tricks were most likely done in case they were exposed.All castle would have to say is that if it were a true fraud the would have been stupid to expose themselves. Double misdirection at its finest. Trying to prove or disprove noþeles from this albums is a waste of time. DNA and fingerprints execute nor lie. Fail as soon as spent end a mainly in a Japanese jail together his fingerprints walk not match the true Paul's prints. Ringo exposed the scam a few years earlier but because then has appeared in number of interviews through Fail. No cite of the hoax in any type of of these later interviews. Why? If Ringo had feared the non disclosure covenant he never would have stepped front at all. Lot money would change hands if true family members could inherit what Faul has taken as his own. Not to mention he would certainly be charged through fraud advertisement well as all the various other Beatles and employees, household members and also friends together well.as well. If M15 is actually affiliated in the move they might stop the criminal dues in Britain but in the US and the remainder of the people they might be open to those charges plus numerous others. Think of the millions of royalties being offered to one imposter. The Beatles never ever played live again nor come to US because that awhile. Did they check out no method around Fail playing his bass v the wrong hand? to be they fear he would certainly be arrested or have an accident that might expose his false fingerprints, blood or DNA. The rage of the public if he were exposed this particular day is another reason they keep the ruse going. Watch later on interviews through Fail and also other Beatles members. They every seem to be placed off or angry once he describes himself together McCarthy or speak of the old times once it was the actual Paul. Faul was to only be a substitute because that a main or two, lock resent his maintaining the ruse walking on for 50 years. Lock have had actually to keep the fraud spanned while Faul reaped the benefits of the fraud. Faul is defended by powerful people and money or that would have been exposed year ago.

John created "I'm the Greatest" 1970 Ringo recorded it for his album RINGOin 1973 (his finest album according to me) Both man & George showing up on the track.

If Billy Shears legally however silently changed his surname to Paul Mccartney years back it wouldn't be considered fraudulent would it? legitimate speaking...

Was the on a "moped", or a SCOOTER? Scooters are NOT ^&#
!ing mopeds.

The initial Paul was reconstituted from his cryogenically stored components (possible co-mingled through Ted Williams) in 2002 and was one of the (CIA funded) terrorists who piloted the 2nd plane ~ above 9/11. Duh.

Anyone that can't watch (or simply refuses to see) the truth that the "Paul McCartney" that Sgt. Pepper onward is not the exact same Paul McCartney pre-Winter of 1966. You should read the disclose in Italian Wired newspaper where researchers proved past a zero of a doubt with facial recognition software the there are/were two Beatles that went by the name Paul McCartney.

"Denial ain't simply a flow in Egypt." --- Stuart Smalley

It doesn't issue if it to be fraudulent or not as soon as you have some of the most powerful people behind the scene pulling the strings.

I recognize for a truth that Paul died. He to be reincarnated together a hamster which i owned together a schoolboy. That told me (as a hamster, that course.)

No issue what the reality is, it doesn't really issue if they're wrong, they're right, wherein they belong. Lock were, are and will always be the greatest, many talented tape that ever before was or will be.

The take far from the story :Americains are crazy

The original Beatle Paul to be most absolutely replaced. If you clock the videos of castle both play you will watch thatPaul knew the Bass and rarely ever before looked in ~ the fretboard in stark comparison to Faul. Of course anyone with two an excellent eyes should be able to tell they’re not the same human being Sargent Peppers Is quite a departure musically and also full that Luminati influences. Money is power. I think that had actually no an option in maintaining up the charade, prefer it or not. Another distorted part of history.

Whoever yes, really believes the crazy crap is a moronic fool. Simply saying. ..

It seems that someone together talented and also no doubt renowned as Billy Shears, can have been missed through friends and family, yet he simply said " fuck em all. I'm a Beatle Now; and to think the to this particular day his nuts room still in a vice. Perhaps the expedition to India and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi made him a believer.

They space two different people. There room so many differences between the two.

They space two different people fact, the dna proves it.....why carry out you think heather Mills is banned from ever before telling the truth? he suddenly paid her off as soon as she endangered to expose the truth. I occupational in the music industry and have played v Billy numerous times over the years and also he sometimes slips up with his accent. Yes sir there has been fraud committed but Billy is in reality a much much more talented writer 보다 Paul ever was. Renders you wonder who Linda believed she was married to.

Nonsense. No one's looks remain the same. His voice to be forensically studied and like a fingerprint, the proves the voices to it is in of the exact same person. Paul is quiet alive, but really old now. As soon as i was in my twenties and in the military, my heighth readjusted and mine facial functions changed. Everybody is different. Plastic surgery was in it's infancy phase in 1966. To make William Shears Campbell look favor Paul McCartney then was impossible. Look at live concert videos in 1966 and also you can see Paul to be already changing from his pudgy round challenge to a an ext mature slender version. The Beatles were and still are, the best Rock n role band ever before assembled.

I love this conspiracy. There are so many questions and co-incidences, etc. The truth of the issue is, no one really offers a damn. Probably in '66 and a year or three yet now, No.

"In case they were exposed...they could be open up to those charges..." they put clues everywhere?

Anyone the truly believes this is easily led, there is no proof the cannot be explained logically, tiny hidden messages on one album isn't proof someone has actually died, the Japanese test that claimed it's no the same human well us all know face recognition isn't reliable also today, his fingerprints no being recognised in ~ the airport, if i play guitar for job on finish my phone call won't turn on v fingerprint recognition let alone a bass when you're fretting with best hand, and also for him looking at the fretboard more they space comparing an easy rock n role songs through clips from wings with complicated bass lines, and why would John Lennon create a track in 1972 dubbed how execute you sleep saying the just thing girlfriend done to be yesterday introduce to his song, i beg your pardon was created in 1965 through Paul, walk he write it to stroked nerves someone that is supposed to be dead,

Whoever took end knew how to write songs through bite in them and not those poppy paulies return he can do those as well. And was together musically adept as the original or better. PMac and also Wings, PMac and MJ, PMac on his own has actually done and also continues to do some an extremely tasty music. Billy and also the remainder are the best.

It's funny how far they walk to convince you the didn't die...why would certainly anyone have to try this difficult if the facts were that easy to prove....ppl the lie to themselves are the worst kind

All the publicity and also speculation has done precisely what it was intended to do and put them all repeatedly in the pubic eye and under windy scrutiny.... Win win win

The key physical proof is the scar top top his upper lip indigenous the December 1965 Moped accident. Every little thing else drops into place. How might they uncover a musician the looks,sounds as with him & be accepted by the various other 3,his family & girlfriend jane Asher? also named his 1st biological daughter mary after his departed Mother? That's something an "imposter" would certainly not do. Also too plenty of stories. Billy Shears ,William Wallace Campbell or Billy Shepherd ?? additionally the photo on the White Album that shows him with glasses (passport snapshot of imposter) would mean Sir Paul/Faul used/uses contacts many of the time. What around there is not 1 photo of him making use of glasses occasionally? he was and also still is 5'11" hazel eyes. Has not changed. Also as pointed out in other comments,plastic surgical treatment at that time was green. Imagine why we never ever saw the bruises etc.

There is no such point as coincidence. "Suddenly ns was fifty percent the guy I provided to be, yes sir a shadow hanging end me, five I believe in yesterday" the ideas are there. What IF faul was knighted because that his lifelong dedication to the lie? What IF the "british invasion" was about much more than music? and also last, IF girlfriend were any kind of of the various other Beatles members would you have actually possibly nosedived your career by going public with the truth??

Yes, you space a numnut!

I have actually All means loved there music like millions of others.it did bother me because that a while, the McCartney could in reality ,not it is in the real McCartney, but really, that cares.the music has actually ,and will stand the check of time,just enjoy.

It’s simple for officials prefer M15 to create fake identification. It’s no so basic to describe the references to Billy Shears in much more than one Beatles song, wilhelm Campbell Fake Paul and the loss of the winner the the Paul McCartney look at alike contest. The picture of Paul, Billy and also the Fake Paul after 1966 to be the clincher because that me no to cite the subtle transforms in behaviour. Paul McCartney died in 1966 and the brand-new Paul was born in 1967.

Sheesh2018 you crazy nut you room quoting the words from yesterday as a clue? Yesterday to be written prior to the alleged death of Paul. Guess: v the original know he was going come die and left clues prior to he died.

I've looked right into this theory for quite some time now.. I don't recognize what come believe

None the you know what the hell you are talking about. Billy Shears is just a ficticious name. Dreamnt up by Paul & John. And if friend all believe Epstien had sufficient money and also power to pay off and keep the police,Gov officials and so on etc. Climate you are all mental.

Actually billy shears to be a was standing in double for Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney to be Irish, therefore wouldn’t have been to sing mull the kintyre. He to be a natural left handed player who didn’t need to constantly look where his fingers on the etc were, this one still check his fingers. The list could go on. The only morons I have the right to see space the people that must be said by the mainstream media what come think and also when to think it. Ns feel sorry for you sheeple. There’s a lot we don’t gain told and also you morons think the mainstream media by calling world who have the right to reason, morons

There are distinctions in the base playing of early on Paul and also 1966 forward till this particular day Paul. The beforehand bass currently were very simplistic in nature with mostly a 1-5 pattern. In 1967, the all transforms suddenly through the introduction of coin Lane. Paul all of sudden unleashes a chromatic downward range that continues to be in time, rhythm and has its own distinctive melody. Where did this come from out of the blue? Also, Paul starts to overcome the A-side that the remainder of the Beatles hits and he started to the end shine the others. Once the Beatles were chosen to the Rock and Roll hall of Fame, Paul go not present up early to personal conflicts through his service scheduling, or so he says. It has actually come out by George Harrison in one interview through an Australian news resource that the Beatles were at odds again financially with Paul since they had actually learned the from 1967 onward, he obtained a an enig new contract with EMI/Capitol documents that paid him much more for his hits and also royalties. Why would certainly he agree to perform this? due to the fact that he is no Paul McCartney and also the real Paul would certainly never ever before have gone and also done something choose that behind the other Beatles backs.....yeah-yeah-yeah, right! What do I believe....I carry out not want to say due to the fact that my opinion walk not mean squat to anyone but myself. You all will have to take what you deserve to dig up and also make increase your very own minds about him, Paul or, Faul.......

I do not recognize the reality here as with most the us, parts of the story appears believable and also then again, you catch your self doubting they deserve to pull off such a hoax top top the entire human being for so cursed long. The Beatles to be allegedly the an initial Tavistock owned and also operated musical band that exceeded anything the Tavistock ever before dreamed that they would become as worldwide famous together they are, still even today. The Illuminati, which this secretive group along with Tavistock own most of the recording industry and has their fingers in most significant bands, solo artists money-making pies. In the 60's, that was all a brand brand-new adventure for every one of these parties involved with the Beatles brand name. The Beatles were together a money-making machine that many of your hits singles and LP's carried in come the GB and also enormous Tsunami the $$$$ that it would seem to me the they would not allow the death of among the Beatles protect against the cash circulation from continuing to come in. If J. Paul McCartney did without doubt actually die in a automobile crash, what taken place to his remains? wherein is his continues to be located? How deserve to the McCartney's (Brother Mike & father Jim) be encouraged to go along with this morbid and also sinister cover-up. How can the staying Beatles, particularly John no feel the feeling of betrayal and abandonment in the direction of his deceased best friend Paul. Climate there is George, who was lugged into the Beatles through his childhood friend, Paul. How could they both go to their own graves keeping this mystery with them. That leaves only Ringo and he appears to be on somewhat an excellent terms v Faul or, is it Paul? What around that looney pagan Mills? She walk on and on around some type of treason that would devastate the human being if the reality were to be known. She acquired a good amount of $$$$ in your divorce settlement and then no a peep no longer from Ms. Mills....We may never understand the real fact or, we currently do? Someone, knows the truth.......Eh, Beatle Bill?

Don't understand what come believe around the Paul/Faul conspiracy. Paul was always the most diplomatic that the Beatles and also often offered as your de facto spokesman both on and off stage. Just examine out the early on concert videos. It's difficult to believe that a rift can have emerged between Paul and also the others. John and Paul were motivating collaborators, when Paul and George to be close schoolmates before the group was even formed. At an early stage footage shows just how Paul constantly seemed to keep eye call with his bandmates and always breaking the end his infectious smile. I don't enjoy the idea the Paul might have died in an auto accident.

But remember, Paul to be no saint. He reportedly fathered a number of illegitimate children. Have the right to reports that his id in very early death be substantiated? His standard song "Yesterday" ideas that possibly Paul to be being chased through self-created demons.

Don't want to say much around who we understand today together Sir Paul except that there does appear to be some legitimate questions around changes in his appearance and personality and his relationships v his previous bandmates. That obviously is a an extremely talented and completed musician and also philanthropist.

WISHED I had actually NEVER HEARD OF any type of RUMORS of THE fatality OF MY favourite BEATLE!!!

Here is the reality of Facts: during an interview respectable 1966 v journalist Maureen Cleave, man Lennon make this statement: "Christianity will go. It will certainly vanish and also shrink. I needn't argue about that; I'm right and also I'll be verified right. We're an ext popular 보다 Jesus now; ns don't know which will go very first rock 'n' role or Christianity. Jesus was every right but his disciples to be thick and ordinary. It's castle twisting it that ruins it for me."

This all taken place right prior to they to be to tourism the united state at lot of concert venues. All 4 Beatles were pertained to for their safety as demonstrations were publicly walking on with people burning Beatle albums and pictures. Even the KKK gained involved and made a threatening statement against the group. After a firecracker was thrown onto a stage, the Beatles were pretty lot done with live performances.

Then in June the 1967 the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely understanding Club tape was exit in the US. Afterward, a college son did a story on hints he assumed he uncovered in the album cover and songs, this developed a distraction that man jumped on as soon as he later on wrote 'Glass Onion", in 1968. " Well, here's one more clue because that you all, the walrus was Paul" The song's "the Walrus to be Paul" lyric is both a reference to "I am the Walrus" and Lennon saying "something nice to Paul" in solution to alters in their partnership at that time. Later, the heat was construed as a "clue" in the "Paul is dead" city legend the alleged McCartney passed away in 1966 during the recording of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club Band and was changed by a look-alike and also sound-alike. The line is came before with "Well, here's an additional clue for you all". Lennon himself dismissed any type of deep an interpretation to the secret lyrics:

> ns threw the heat in "the Walrus to be Paul" simply to confuse everybody a little bit more. It could have been "The fox terrier is Paul." ns mean, it's simply a bit of poetry. Ns was having a laugh since there'd to be so lot gobbledygook about Pepper play it backwards and you was standing on her head and all that.

Basically, the Paul is dead controversy overshadowed John's statement and also album sales went through the roof with kids trying come find new clues. Not lot was said about Johns comment after ~ that. So the smoke display screen worked. And here you space 50 year later, quiet talking around the smoke screen.

Paul did not die but he did leaving the Beatles, youtube man Halliday aka Paul McCartney, he just lived a typical life, also, on the St Pepper's album, castle the surname 'The Beatles' come '5 Beatles'...

John is no DEAD!!! LOOK in ~ THE hints IN THE MMT ALBUM. Paul is sitting at a desk and there I'd a sigh "The Best method To go Is MDC" as in note David Chapman. The man is dead fake was collection up year in advance. Man wanted to leave the business. The did because that 5 years and also did his last stint and left because that good. John is an extremely much alive and also living in Brookville long Island

To me, the greatest argument versus the "Paul is dead" theory is very similar to the biggest argument versus the "Elvis is Alive" theory. The greatest dispute agagainst Elvis being alive is that he is dead, and the biggest argument versus Paul being dead is the he is alive.

Such stunner silly people.

I have no idea around whether or no Paul is Faul and truthfully ns couldn't care less. I'm 27 and also most that the Beatles music doesn't impress me, except for Yesterday, coin Lane and also Hey Jude which are exceptionally great songs.

Though one point I DO understand for certain is Ringo can't song worth a damn.

To every the sane world out over there that know that Paul never ever dies and also that he is alive and well tho making music,don't bother saying anything to the comspiracy brigade as You Can't Argue through Stupid!!!

I believe John wrote the song The greatest making fun of Faul's ego and it is really meant to be just how Faul feels around himself.

What crock the shit.

Listen to Paul's command vocals in Lady Madonna, earlier In The USSR and Oh Darling. It's every the same singer right? Nobody will certainly argue with that. In fact, if you listen to every Beatles songs in between 1967 come 1970, Paul division out that specific voice a many (not always). Currently go back and listen to Paul's command vocals on any work native 1962 come 1966, and also look the end for those exact same distinctive vocals ns mentioned. If they appear on his older work-related too, it's the very same Paul. Yet if lock don't, he's been replaced. Make up your own mind.

Well at last some feeling is written! Charlotte A's comment on Ringo's singing. Fine spotted Charlotte. I have actually to add that as john said, and also I quote once he to be asked if Ringo to be the ideal drummer in the world, he responded with " He's not the ideal drummer in the Beatles". Regarding the rediculas conspirasy theory- John and Paul room both still fine alive and working in ~ my neighborhood Aldi supermarket, Paul collection the descarded purchase trolly's ~ above the carpark and John bites off thewheels that have a mental of over there own, ie: those wheels that want to take trip left wile the other three in unison desire to travel right, we have actually all had them!

it's "i don't really desire to start the show" ...

Paul had actually a twin brother, the was much more talented for this reason he replaced the initial Paul. John wasn't shot and also didn't die. George died yet not the method we were told in the media. Most all of their music was written by others and played by various other studio musicians. Not hard to get human being to keep quiet, huge money let's human being enter another tax bracket, a much better life, much better health treatment for your families, and also not need to work a task for 30-40 years. Most are native military family members that take it oaths and sign disclosure agreements where everything can be taken away. Look at all the staged shootings this days that have been proven hoaxes.

Paul stop the band over Johns being Yoko Ono's puppet. Paul's leaving would have ended them. Shears conserved the day. Shears and Paul's end of your noses room different and the cheekbones on Paul are somewhat larger. Today, we watch the actual Paul performing all over the world. Billy most likely was eliminated to be maintained silent. The bottom heat -- Yoko Ono ruined the world's best band!

Paul is Paul. I'm not encouraged by your arguments.

Read "The Memoirs of Billy Shears"!

well sorry i am CONVINCED and why did Ringo come out and say the Paul did pass away in 1966

But Paul to be 27, once Abby road was released. Only John was 28. George was 26 and also Ringo 29.

You deserve to see Paul's chipped this on an early video of RAIN, only obtainable on Russian websites...Dot RU. Ns was wondering about that, a moped accident that chipped his this answered that question. It was repaired expertly as you might expect with someone rich.

And probably Ringo did really commit suicide after telling Neil Aspinall he to be going to perform so, and Ringo was also replaced through a look-alike.

I think the Eyes have actually it. Once they to be brown now they room green.

It take it me 10 entire days that intense internet research, but it ultimately clicked because that me. It was thr real Paul's eyes. Those dreamy eye I dropped in love with in 1963. I keep searching pictures of Billy, however he does not possess the vulnerability, compassion and depth that once resided in our Paul's eyes. Anyone the cared at every for James Paul McCartney must look. Really Look. And Listen. Ignorance this particular day is a choice. Therefore is laziness-and apathy. Ns am love broken around this very recent discovery, but additionally appreciate discovering the truth. Afterward, i revisited videos, movie clips, songs & interviews through John, George and Ringo, and it all ultimately made sense. Thanks. I am sad.

It was really john Lennon that died in Nov 1965. The Beatles made up the clues about Paul has a distraction. Look at How different John looks on SGT. Pepper. Between the longer hair and the glasses and beard he was unreconizable by the Abbey road album. The actual Paul was eliminated in Dec the 1980 by an avid fan and then changed by Billy Shears.

No-one can die privately in England. There room dozens of people affiliated in a death, certainly in the instance of an accident, Police, Ambulance and also hospital staff, fire brigade, break down men, registrars, NHI and also loads much more including family, friends, organization colleagues, studio employee and, that course, the Inland Revenue responsible because that the collection of income tax and death duties. Likewise Somerset house staff whereby all births, deaths and marriages room recorded. It is inconceivable the not one of these people would it is in tempted to disclose if Paul had died to their families, friends and, most notably, because that money to newspapers an TV companies. Not one human being did so. The totality ''conspiracy theory' is a fill of rubbish perpetrated through idiots and also believed by fools.

Richard : and anyone else reading this- if you can't phone call Paul native Faul, you're either no looking tough enough, or you're not being objective. Then again, there has been so lot (& some really bad) photo tampering all along the way. Billy had actually been filling in because that Paul periodically at least because 1965. Look in ~ the film footage that The Beatles' appearances ~ above Ed Sullivan when "Yesterday" was performed. It to be Paul the first time, however Billy the second time. It took some actual effort, but I lastly saw them together 2 separate, separation, personal, instance guys. Billy wasn't the only impostor, however he seems to have been provided the many frequently, particularly on phase (as opposed to interviews, etc.). Screw the eye Color, you'll have the ability to see that in black color & white, as well. Listen to Tina Foster's interviews. There space some other an excellent sites, prefer the Sage of Quay & a.d. Clarke. Also, inspect out IAMAPHONEY. Even if people don't like Paul or the Beatles, us all have to recognize the points that room happening under our very noses. A far-ranging part of my life revolved around the Beatles. There are an ext than 50 year of lies for me to swallow. It suck being lied come since.. Forever.

This web page proof that civilization like come lie lie lie there is NO proof to imply that Pau McCartney passed away - The conspiracists adjust their story every time someone sees with it!!! "He died in 1965 oooh he died in 1967 he remained in a scooter crash oooh no it was a Lotus Elan - the posed ~ above the covering of Abbey Rd"oooh no wait a little bit that would have actually meant he was admitting it so fine forget that" Conspiracist liars should STF wise sane normal world know you space talking complete utter full BO**OCKS!!

LOOK, I've got ONE point that renders this totality thing NO an ext than a straightforward trick. THEY speak that ideas of Paul dying started in the Revolver album... BUTTTTTTT... The REVOLVER album was recorded and also released before November 9 1966. Lock wouldn't it is in PREDICTING his death, won't they?

People think it was too big a lie to it is in pulled turn off for this long. Hmmm...how about the lie the gravity holds water on the earth, which water curves roughly a world that spins approximately the sun? one of the main successes the mind control is consistent repetition from a young age and also "what everybody else thinks." I have not review the publication "The Memoirs of Billy Shears" but have listened to sufficient interviews around the book that I find it more tough to think that Paul was NOT killed in '66. Many world who think of themselves as having actually open minds will not dare look into it. They perform not desire to discover out that so much of what lock have believed all their resides was a lie. It takes a special sort of person: a human who seeks and WANTS truth, also when it embarrasses, harms or is painful.

Everyone is spring in the wrong place. Forget Paul. I've never ever seen any type of reports around whatever occurred to the actual Billy Shears. Has actually he ever before re-surfaced anywhere? If he did NOT become Paul McCartney's replacement, what taken place to him? that can't it is in that difficult to uncover some history on him....if without doubt he existed at all.

You know, if investigators find the actual Billy Shears working in some factory in Shreveport, LA (his noticeable birth place), then you know this totality thing to be a hoax. However that hasn't happened, has actually it? and also as someone else mentioned, wouldn't the actual Billy Shears have had actually family and also friends somewhere? If friend really desire to prove the Paul is yes, really Paul, discover out what taken place to the real Billy Shears. "Thank you an extremely much".

As one outsider I'm not real sure what to believe here. If someone names william Spears Campbell really won a Beatles look-a-like contest and also then dropped off the challenge of the earth, that would be weird. Naught ever concerned light explaining where he was or what taken place to him. His family and friends??? maybe bought off. Wouldn't having actually William Spears Campbell and also the real Paul in the very same room saying below we both are, both alive and well no story here have put and also end come it all. Unless they got someone to change Billy Spears so the Billy could replace Paul. After the it would probably start to get weird.

I've constantly liked the possibility of happy endings. Of food they don't always happen. However let's imagine because that the purpose of healing the "Paul McCartney'' and John Halliday somehow gain to carry out "Yesterday" in addition to Paul presenting John together (a) the writer. What a moment in time come behold! The mystery can live on, but the track becomes more immortalized. Maybe, simply maybe John shed both foot in a horrific vehicle accident in 1966, and also unwilling to travel for his job discovered a way to trademark a famous singer's name, v both entities profiting. Possibly the plan wasn't perfect for your friends, relatives and also business partners, but sometimes money and also loyalty do for terrific bed partners...so all was made well v John directing and also basically slipping into the shadows with tiny ego, but really fond memories, no bitterness somehow around an accident brought about by his own ignorance. I discover peace in thinking around John playing a song he added so much to and lived thru in together Grace. What an exemplary life! If he never plays "Yesterday" publicly again, let us all have that moment live in ours hope, anyway.

I spent lot of the previous year researching this, and also even observed Paul in concert in green Bay last summer. He seemed like the very same old Paul albeit older. However, I'll admit this story may explain all the friction/controversy within the band through the years...

This is one Amazon publication review I composed on 9 Jun 20 because that Billy's Back!! This is quite an excellent read. Congratulations Mr. William Shepherd as to how you had actually time to commandeer the Beatles and also keep one account of every your personal memories come share with the public. I'm not below to referee you at all. I do discover it fascinating regarding how that was all orchestrated with the untimely death of the genuine Paul McCartney. You are correct in her stated assumption that the book had come be written as fiction and that civilization see what they desire to see. The truth is there room lots of people that room afraid that the truth. My simple premise in believing the information in the publication is due to the fact that it all provides sense and also explains to me why everything happened the way it did within the Beatles one of friends. Due to the fact that without your revelations, nothing provides sense. I turned 64 in May and also I celebrated it by playing guitar and singing as soon as I'm 64. I understand why you to be adamant in recording when I'm 64 in the an essential of C# rather of the an essential of C because of the vocal recognition of your voice. I likewise get the difference in the Eleanor Rigby tune that the real Paul McCartney sang and how your voice is fully different from his once you song Penny Lane. Once I was 11 year old and heard Penny roadway for the very first time, I assumed to myself who is the brand-new person in the team singing this song and who was to sing She Loves you Yeah, Yeah, Yeah at the finish of all You require is Love. The differences in the parting of the hair, the eye color, the shoe size, the height and also Dr Truby's vocal pattern analysis all make sense. I've been a fan of the Beatles and their music every my life and I have studied this topic at an excellent length for many years in reading around it, watching videos top top the topic and making my own conclusions. I'm not composing this testimonial to guide anyone's ideas on how you view Mr. William Shepherd or the author of this book. Ns for one, am an extremely grateful come have had actually the satisfied of analysis this most informative book. Reading this book also detailed me with satisfaction and closure to what I always believed that Paul happen on and also another took his place. Oh, and also then over there is the DVD Paul McCartney really is Dead-The Last testimony of George Harrison.

I slept under Paul's photo...I witnessed differences however thought us both were just farming and changing as we did... This sickens me to mine core.... Yet the truth and lies are as necessary as the PEACE and LOVE we practice. If this is true in any way I could never look at any of fact in the very same way.

There should be articles about the automobile crash ( if there ever was one) in regional newspapers...??? and what around police reports? story fronm rescue personnel? etc etc....

Does anyone also think around why the point was excellent in the an initial place. Culture was reshaped by having actually a replacement help to bring on the Beatles that were the motivation of the revolution. Without Faul they probably wouldn't have actually been for this reason influential. The 50s were boring but it was more than a readjust for cool. It was a change for breaking under tradition and also making a world of mind controlled suckers that think it to be all about creating a better culture. The inquiry is that or what to be behind it? ns think many of us recognize if friend have any type of idea about history at all!

Okay, ns confess. I am Billy Shears. I eliminated Paul and took his identity. You acquired me. Through all the proof you've gift I'd it is in a fool to keep the charade going. I'm walking to name my brand-new album Billy Shears III. I can't go on like this. It's as well dark in this closet. I need to come out. Many thanks everyone. The reality will out and also now it lastly has.

PS - john didn't really die. The faked his fatality do he might run an ice cream cream van back in Liverpool. He currently goes through the surname of grandfather Whippy. Every time he sells a 99 Flake he offers the game away by questioning if you desire Strawberry Sauce Forever!

Yours truly


the question is how plenty of faux pauls have there been? so much I can uncover three since the existing one has actually blue eyes, the previous 2 did not. Everyone concerned is under contract no to disclose. Persons whom have not honoured their contracts or whom have had actually doubts seem come have passed away or mysteriously disappeared.

I think that concept was started since Americans don't favor it the there is no American Beatle.

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It would have been simple to replace Paul in the 1960s. Most world didn't have television, those that did had actually tiny black & white sets with a fuzzy picture and thought all lock saw and were said on the 'magical' box at the time. Most people only had radio earlier then.