Here at candy Club, we’re equal opportunity candy lovers. There’s many of room in our hearts for chocolates, sweets, and also sours alike. So this day we’re act a deep dive into the people of extreme candy, highlighting the sourest candy in the world from proper mouth-puckering to the downright explosive.

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If your taste buds can’t get enough extreme sour flavor, get ready to discover some brand-new favorites on this list!


Extreme sour Countdown: The Eight Sourest liquid in the World

8. Tart Nerds

We might be starting our countdown that the sourest liquid in the civilization with a candy on the milder finish of the spectrum, but that doesn’t typical it’s no beloved. This American classic designed to be eaten by the handful (or boxful, anyone?) has a new sour variety that’s nice delightful, also if it won’t do you cry.

That’s yes by us – no every candy requirements to come through a risk warning. There will be lot of of time for that later! In the meantime, friend can satisfy your sweet-and-sour tooth with a mouthful of this delectably crunchy tart classics.

7. Tart Skittles

Even though cones are largely sugar, the dusting of citric acid on these guys provides them a significant kick. If you already love the sweet taste that the cones “rainbow” however need an extra tart punch, you’ll probably love the cake coating on sour Skittles.

Fun fact: cake candy choose Sour cones can assist relieve blocked salivary glands – despite if you’re no careful and also eat too many, girlfriend can reason irritation come the taste buds.

6. Cake Patch youngsters Extreme

The standard sour-to-sweet taste has actually made cake Patch youngsters a favourite for liquid lovers around the world. Yet for those who need a genuine challenge, sour Patch kids Extreme uses the very same experience yet with the sour ramped up. The mix of tartaric, citric, and also fumaric mountain in sour Patch children Extreme packs an extra punch to the first couple of seconds of popping one (or ten) of these into your mouth.


5. Sour do the washing up Candy Toilets

Okay, get ready because that a weird one. Mental Baby bottle Pops? Think that very same concept, other than the liquid is a restroom plunger, and you emboldened it right into a plastic “toilet” full of cake sugar. Yep. You’re eat from the toilet. Yet don’t problem – the bright colors do this for sure bonkers concept a lot an ext fun 보다 it seems, come say nothing of the delicious blast of tart flavor.

4. Taveners sour Lemon Drops

We haven’t forgotten you, English candies! Taveners tart Lemon fall are some of the most popular sour candy in the joined Kingdom. Comparable to Lemonheads in the U.S., this lemon-shaped sour candies honor everything there is to love about tangy, sour lemons. Plus, they’re do with herbal coloring and vegetarian ingredients.


3. Cry baby Tears

The consensus amongst sour liquid fanatics is that Cry infant Tears Extra Sour candy are several of the most mouth-puckering tough candies out there. They are literally shaped choose tears! A retro candy, castle seem to have acquired overshadowed by few of the newer candies top top this list, but they still have actually a dedicated following of extreme candy lovers.

2. Warheads

Named after a weapon of massive destruction, stood for by a cartoon young whose head is exploding… you have the right to hardly get more extreme 보다 Warheads too much Sour candy. This American classics have to be massively popular with kids, ending up being one of the very first candies to inspire informal playground “challenges” to check out who can eat the highest number of candies in ~ once.

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The mystery to the super tart flavor is malic acid, i m sorry wears turn off after about 5-10 seconds and also leaves you through a pleasantly sweet taste – if you do it the far, that is!

1. Toxic Waste

Buckle up because that the sourest candy in the world! these super funny sour candy are offered in novelty “toxic waste” drums, complete with neon toxic sludge dripping end the top. Sold greatly in the U.S. And Canada, toxic Waste Hazardously tart Candy has actually inherited the excessive candy exaggeration once overcame by Warheads. Now there’s no shortage that YouTube videos mirroring daring children participating in the “Toxic Challenge,” cycling through a hilarious collection of mouth-puckered, pained expressions. Eat in ~ your very own risk!

What provides sour liquid so sour?

The level the sourness in any kind of candy all boils down to the acids supplied to do it. Citric acid, ascorbic acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, and also tartaric acid – all found naturally in fruits and also vegetables almost everywhere the human being – lend the deliciously cake flavor you know and also love to every kinds of cake candies. Periodically the acids are constructed into the candy itself, while various other times the tart flavor originates from a sour sugar coating.

Satisfy her Sweet (and Sour) Tooth


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