Plants the have similar flowers, reproductive structures, various other characteristics, and also are evolutionarily related, are grouped into plant family members (See figure 2). Species in the very same plant family tend to have comparable growth characteristics, nutrient needs, and also often the same pests (pathogens, herbivores). Planting crops from various plant family members on a farm and also the landscape; and rotating plants of various plant family members over time can interrupt the crop pest life cycles, specifically insect pests, and also pathogens, and also reduce productivity losses due to pests. Boosting plant family diversity deserve to also carry out other agrobiodiversity benefits including, diverse seasonal growth and also adaptation come weather stresses such as frosts, and also drought; various soil nutrient needs, and also producing varied foods that carry out for human being nutritional needs.

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figure 6.2.1: The Plant family TreeCredit: The U. S. Botanic Garden and also the nationwide Museum of organic History, department of Botany, Smithsonian Institution.

Read this an introduction of the significant world food crop plant families and also the worth of discovering what household plants room in, The Organic method (Acrobat (PDF) 108kB Sep25 18), then take into consideration these questions.What plants are your five favorite foods developed from?What plant households are lock in?Are lock annuals or perennials?

The Fabaceae/Leguminosae, commonly called the Legume plant family is vital for soil nitrogen management in farming and because that soil, human and also animal nutrition. Legume plants can kind a mutualistic, symbiotic association v Rhizobium bacteria i m sorry inhabit legume roots in tiny growths or nodules in the roots (seed photos in the video provided below). The rhizobia bacteria have actually enzymes that have the right to take increase nitrogen native the atmosphere and also they re-publishing the "fixed nitrogen" with their legume host plant. Nitrogen is critical nutrient for the plants and animals, the is a vital element in amino acids and proteins, genetic material and many other important plant and also animal compounds. Legume seed crops, also called pulses are high in protein, such together many types of beans, lentils, peas, and peanuts. Most of their plant nitrogen is harvest in grain, although over there is part in crop residues that have the right to increase soil nitrogen content. Perennial legume plants are typically grown together forage plants for their high protein because that animals. Due to the fact that they allocate a big portion the their growth to vegetative tree parts and storage organs, perennial legumes also return a far-reaching quantity the nitrogen to the soil, boosting soil fertility for non-legumes crops grown in combination or in rotation v legumes.

Watch the adhering to NRCS video about legumes and also legume research.Video: The science of floor Health: knowledge the value of Legumes and also Nitrogen-Fixing Microbes (2:30)

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What are few of the services of including legumes in a chop rotation?

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ANSWER: Legumes return some nitrogen to the soil, specifically perennial legumes that allocate a relationship of their sources to vegetative development (ex. Roots and shoots) and storage organs. Legumes additionally produce a crop that is high in protein, whether it is a high protein yearly grain legume (also dubbed a pulse) or perennial crop.
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