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uterus, likewise called womb, an inverted pear-shaped muscular body organ of the mrs reproductive system, located between the bladder and the rectum. It attributes to nourish and house a fertilized egg till the fetus, or offspring, is prepared to it is in delivered.

The uterus has actually four major regions: the fundus is the large curved upper area in which the fallopian tubes attach to the uterus; the body, the main component of the uterus, start directly below the level of the fallopian tubes and also continues downward till the uterine walls and cavity start to narrow; the isthmus is the lower, narrow neck region; and the shortest section, the cervix, extends downward from the isthmus till it opens into the vagina. The uterus is 6 come 8 centimeter (2.4 come 3.1 inches) long; its wall thickness is around 2 to 3 centimeter (0.8 to 1.2 inches). The width of the body organ varies; the is generally about 6 cm broad at the fundus and only half this distance at the isthmus. The uterine cavity opens right into the quality cavity, and the two consist of what is generally known together the birth canal.


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Lining the uterine cavity is a moist mucous membrane well-known as the endometrium. The lining transforms in thickness throughout the term cycle, gift thickest during the period of egg release from the ovaries (see ovulation). If the egg is fertilized, the attaches come the special endometrial wall surface of the uterus and begins developing. If the egg is unfertilized, the endometrial wall sheds its outer layer the cells; the egg and also excess tissue space then passed native the body throughout menstrual bleeding. The endometrium likewise produces secretions that help keep both the egg and also the sperm cell alive. The materials of the endometrial fluid incorporate water, iron, potassium, sodium, chloride, glucose (a sugar), and proteins. Glucose is a nutrient to the reproductive cells, while proteins aid with implantation the the fertilized egg. The various other constituents provide a an ideal environment for the egg and sperm cells.

The uterine wall surface is consisted of of three layers the muscle tissue. The muscle fibres operation longitudinally, circularly, and obliquely, entwined between connective organization of blood vessels, elastic fibres, and also collagen fibres. This solid muscle wall expands and also becomes thinner as a child creates inside the uterus. After ~ birth, the broadened uterus returns to the normal size in about six come eight weeks; that dimensions, however, are about 1 centimeter (0.4 inch) larger in every directions than before childbearing. The uterus is additionally slightly heavier and the uterine cavity continues to be larger.

The uterus of a female boy is little until puberty, once it promptly grows to its adult size and also shape. ~ menopause, as soon as the woman is no longer capable of having actually children, the uterus i do not care smaller, an ext fibrous, and paler. Part afflictions that may impact the uterus incorporate infections; benign and malignant tumours; malformations, such as a double uterus; and prolapse, in which part of the uterus i do not care displaced and protrudes indigenous the vaginal opening. Uterus transplantation, in i m sorry a uterus indigenous a healthy and balanced female is transplanted into the impacted woman, has been taken into consideration a potential form of therapy in extreme cases of uterine condition or absence of the uterus; the an initial birth the a healthy and balanced infant to a uterus transplant recipient occurred in 2014.

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