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The Lightning Thief an introduction & Study guide includes comprehensive information and analysis tohelp you know the book. This examine guide includes the following sections:
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The Lightning Thief, the very first in the Percy Jackson series, by stack Riordan, begins with Percy Jackson acquisition a school pilgrimage to the metropolitan Museum of Art. Not everything is what that seems, as Percy’s mathematics teacher turns into a Fury and also attacks him. Percy is may be to defeat the monster v the use of a copper sword. In the results of the assault though Percy is surprised to discover that nobody has ever heard the the math teacher before, making the wonder if it had been real or just a hallucination. Not even his ideal friend, Grover, knows what that is talk about.

As the finish of the year draws close to Grover insists on escorting Percy residence from school. He believes the Percy is in some sort of danger, but can’t speak what. Here, readers are introduced to percy’s parents. His mother, Sally, is a kind-hearted woman that longs to be a writer. Sadly, she has never been able to accomplish those dreams and works in ~ a candy shop simply to do ends meet. She is married come Gabe Ugliano, percy’s stepfather, that hates him. Gabe treats Percy prefer a resident in ~ the residence instead of a stepson, believing that Percy should administer him with money in exchange for room and board. Percy is not just frustrated v Gabe’s behavior, but additionally his mom for sending him away to boarding school every year.

Percy and his mother attend a weekend retreat at the beach, whereby they space met with a terrible storm. In the evening Grover appears and reveals himself to actually be a mystical creature, a Satyr. He speak Percy that he’s been watching end him till Percy to be old sufficient to to visit Camp half Blood, a mystical summer camp for training demigods. Grover reiterates his previously warnings about Percy gift in danger, this time including that monstrous pressures are after his friend.

On the means to the camp, lock are struck by an additional mystical creature, the Minotaur. The Minotaur knocks the end Grover and also squeezes percy mother, leading to her to disappear in a shower head of golden sparks. Percy is heartbroken, assuming that he’s simply seen the death of his mother. He manages to conserve his ideal friend though, pulling him into the safety of Camp half Blood. In ~ the camp Percy is introduced to his Latin teacher, who reveals himself to actually be Chiron, a centaur and also the trainer of legendary heroes. In ~ the camp, Percy learns that the Greek god are really much real and still current in our world today. The learns more about their current day mythology, such as the truth that Olympus hovers invisible end the empire State Building. He additionally learns that in the critical sixty year the “big three” (Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon) have refused to have mortal children, believing that any of your offspring would certainly be also powerful. The various other gods have the right to still have children though, who consist of the student body at the camp.

Percy meets Annabeth, who is a daughter that Athena. He also meets Luke, the child of Hermes. Not every one of his introductions walk well though, and Percy ends up making adversaries with Clarisse, the daughter of Ares. In ~ first, Percy doesn’t know who his dad is. Throughout one that the training games it is revealed that he’s in reality the descendent of Poseidon, the an initial in 3 generations. Quickly after this, Percy learns the there is trouble in Olympus. Zeus’s understand bolt has actually been stolen, and Zeus believes the Poseidon is the one responsible. The grasp bolt is therefore important since it is the weapon the all various other lightning bolts are modeled after.

Zeus believes that Poseidon provided Percy come steal the bolt. He offers Poseidon ten days for the bolt to be returned. Poseidon doesn’t desire to risk war through Zeus, and also he knows the he can’t discover the bolt on his own. The goes to Percy for help to find out whereby the bolt important is and who take it it. Chiron believes the Hades is the one who stole that in order to pit Poseidon and also Zeus against each other. Percy has to travel come the Underworld, situated in Los Angeles, to challenge Hades. Before leaving, he consults with the Oracle. The Oracle cautions him the he will fail to save what matters the most, and also tells him the he will be betrayed prior to the trip is over.

Percy to adjust out through the assist of Annabeth and Grover. During their travels, the group learns to to trust each other and also each undergoes their own an individual journey. Grover overcomes his are afraid of monsters, which allows him to convince the the supervisory board of Cloven Elders to enable him to search for the missing god, Pan. Annabeth learns to trust Percy, despite his father and also mother being longtime rivals. Percy has actually to involved terms through anger in the direction of his genuine father, who had actually ignored him for so long. On your journey they also meet an ext supernatural creatures, including the Medusa, a Chimera, Procrustes the Stretcher, and also even the god Ares. Percy is offered a mysterious backpack by Ares in exchange for a favor. Percy also meets a Nereid, who provides him three magical gems from Poseidon, which can send anyone to the sea no issue where they are.

The group ultimately arrives in the Underworld just to discover that Hades wasn’t the true culprit. Rather it was the defeated Titan, Kronos, who has the capability to manipulate the desires of both men and also gods. Kronos was manipulating an unknown human to steal artefacts from Zeus and Hades in the hopes of beginning a war in between the powerful deities. Kronos’s theif was captured by Ares though, that had offered the steal items come Percy in the backpack. The team is assaulted by an army of the dead, as Hades believes lock to be the persons responsible. Percy deserve to return them to the seas, yet he desires to leave with his mom as well. Since he only has actually three gems he’s compelled to save himself and his friends, promising his mommy that the will one day come back for her.

Percy and also his friends escape come the surface and battle Ares. They control to defeat him and return the stolen objects back to their ideal homes. This gives Percy a possibility to meet his father in Olympus, that says how proud he is the Percy regardless of initially being remote from his son. Poseidon speak Percy that his mother has actually been reverted as a tranquility offering native Hades. He also warns Percy that he will have actually a difficult choice come make. Percy is then returned to his home where he finds the head of Medusa i m sorry he had mailed to self earlier. Percy wants to use it to rotate his stepfather to stone so his mother have the right to be free, yet she stop him and also tells Percy the she has to be the one who leaves him.

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Percy returns to the camp where he is betrayed by his friend Luke. Luke to be the one that Kronos had actually initially offered to steal the bolt in the very first place. Luke prisoner Percy and tells him that Kronos will certainly rise and also destroy every one of the various other gods. Percy is spared many thanks to Chiron’s intervention. Chiron speak him that Percy’s trip is far from over, and also he must come to be a hero come fight the climb of the Titans and keep the other gods safe.