This web page of Venice Italy map has actually information about this an extremely unique town, constructed on 117 islands, through 150 canals rather of streets and 431 bridges.

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Venice is a tourist attraction itself, resources of passion and also romanticism, house to some of the civilization most exceptional buildings, amazing museums and fine art galleries.


Art is anywhere here and Venice is went to by many thousands of visitors every year.It is a city that must be uncovered on foot, possibly by losing oneself in the miracle labyrinth developed by lanes, tiny and large squares and also canals.

It is "Imperative" visiting san Marco Square, the well-known Rialto Bridge, the sleek Doge’s Palace, the leg of Sighs and more...

Venice is really a place like no other, through its unusual alleys, watercourses and means of life. It promises emotional enchantment every year round.The main and extraordinary waterway is the Canal Grande, i beg your pardon is end 3800 meters, v its majestic palaces and also splendid Rialto Bridge. V its typical upside-down S shape, the splits the city from Piazzale Roma to St. Mark"s Basin. Studies have revealed that once may have actually been a bed the the flow Brenta, later diverted.

Venice was separated since ancient times in 6 districts, in ascending bespeak of size: Santa Croce, mountain Polo, san Marco, Dorso Duro, Cannaregio and also Castello, the most populated.The streets of Venice are called "Calli", from Latin Callis - pathways: there are over 3000.It is therefore easy and also pleasant to get lost in a maze of channels of history and picturesque corners.

Venice is a magical place to explore and experience: unique environment to gain the day with an environment so romantic in the evening.In the evenings, in that mysterious silence the is only possible in Venice, the city i do not care even much more extraordinary and dreamlike, leaving united state time to give up ourselves come romance, poetry, and also melancholy...Venice must be visited day and night to acquire the real unforgettable feelings: uncover your Venice Hotels, search for castle on the Venice Italy map and make her reservation prior to you leave.

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Although the soundtrack is no really proper for Venice (Neapolitan track Funiculi" Funicula"), this is a nice panoramic 3D video:

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