A bushman in the Kalahari encounters modern technology for the very first time - in the shape of a Coke bottle. The takes it back to his tribe, and uses that for plenty of tasks. The tribe start to fight end it, therefore he decides to return it come the gods - wherein he think it come from. Meanwhile, us are introduced to some brand-new characters, a institution teacher assigned to a little village, and a clumsy biologist...

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age 11+
Parents need to understand that The Gods have to Be crazy is a charming '80s standard that expose the follies of the modern-day world from the view of a indigenous Kalahari bushman. Over there are numerous gunfights, including a politics massacre as soon as guerillas burst right into a cabinet meeting and also shoot wildly, yet the violence has actually a slapstick high quality to it that takes few of the edge off.

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Genre:Comedy, ActionRelease Date:July 13, 1984Languages:EnglishCaptions:EnglishAudio Format:

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