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Here are some simple rules because that naming alkenes from the global Union the Pure and also Applied benidormclubdeportivo.orgistry (IUPAC):

The longest chain of carbon atoms containing the dual bond is considered the parent chain. The is named using the same stem together the alkane having actually the same variety of carbon atoms however ends in -ene to identify it together an alkene. For this reason the compound CH2=CHCH3 is propene. If over there are four or an ext carbon atoms in a chain, us must suggest the position of the double bond. The carbons atoms are numbered so that the very first of the two that are doubly external inspection is offered the reduced of the two possible numbers.The link CH3CH=CHCH2CH3, for example, has the dual bond in between the 2nd and third carbon atoms. Its name is 2-pentene (not 3-pentene). Substituent groups are named similar to alkanes, and also their place is shown by a number. Thus, the structure below is 5-methyl-2-hexene.

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Keep in mind that the number is numbered of the parent chain is always done in such a way as to provide the dual bond the lowest number, even if that causes a substituent to have actually a greater number. The dual bond always has priority in numbering.

naming.jpgthe correct structural formula for c2h4 is