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arthritic general pseudoparalysis, arthritide, arthritis, arthritis deformans, arthritis mutilans, arthro-, Arthrobacter, arthrocele, arthrocentesis, arthrochondritis, arthroclasia

Arthro- is a combining form used favor a prefix meaning “joint” or “jointed.” it is often used in medical and scientific terms.

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Arthro- comes from the Greek árthron, definition “a joint.” related to arthro- and deriving from a Greek word based on árthron is arthritis, “acute or chronic inflammation the the joint.”

What space variants of arthro-?

When combined with indigenous or word aspects that start with a vowel, arthro- i do not care arthr-, as in arthralgia.

An instance of a word you may have encountered that attributes anthro- is arthropod, a scientific name because that such creepy crawlies as insects, spiders and other archanids, and crustaceans.

We have actually learned already that the prefix arthro- way “joint.” What about the –pod part of the word? It method “foot,” native the Greek poús.

So, arthropod literally translates to “jointed foot.” Indeed, arthopods have actually a segmented body, jointed limbs, and also usually a chitinous shell that undergoes moltings.

Another creature, the octopus, is likewise derived in component from the Greek poús, meaning “foot.” have the right to you guess why? find the answer in ~ our entry on octopus.

What room some indigenous that usage the combining type arthro-?

What space some other creates that arthro- may be typically confused with?

Break it down!

The combining kind –meter means “measure.” through that in mind, what does an arthrometer measure?

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British benidormclubdeportivo.org meanings for arthro-


before a vowel arthr-

combining form
indicating a jointarthritis; arthropod

Word beginning for arthro-

from Greek arthron

Medical definitions for arthro-


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