I shed radio call with Tower. By accident mine daughter disengaged my hand-mike jack native its receptacle sufficient to reduced off communication, yet I might not tell. She was in right front seat with a ceiling over she legs that prevented my noticing something wrong. ~ landing I uncovered the problem and contacted Ground control for taxi instructions. Tower stated they gave me a red signal as soon as our communications went out, yet unfortunately ns did not watch it. Moral: If you space NORDO (no radio) near a regulated airport, store a spicy eye out for lightgun signals. Also in this high-technology era friend sometimes need to fall earlier on the old reputable methods. ASRS Report (The following is excerpted native Rod Machado"s personal Pilot Handbook)
as soon as radios prevent working, tower controllers fall back on a primitive but effective means of interaction to control traffic in the landing sample - irradiate signals. These signals are presented in figure 37. Hold a small but an effective light total (Figure 38), controllers can direct a focused beam of light straight at your aircraft. Using among three colour - red, green, white - controllers can connect several important regulates to pilots. Irradiate Signals in the waiting - If your radio fails under VFR conditions, simply enter the website traffic pattern at a tower controlled field after ~ observing the circulation of website traffic (not going v the flow could result in a couple of unusual signals from the pilots in the various other airplanes). Keep an eye ~ above the tower cab because that a irradiate signal. If, if airborne, you get a steady eco-friendly light, this way you room cleared to land. Think of a steady green light together being comparable to the three green landing gear lights on a retractable aligned airplane. If they"re every indicating green, climate it"s OK come land. If you witnessed your three environment-friendly landing equipment lights flickering or flashing instead of painting a stable green, you"d more than likely go around and solve the problem. Likewise, a flashing green light indigenous the tower method you need to return because that landing, to be followed by a steady green light at the appropriate time. This is basically a go-around command. A stable red always way stop. At least that"s what it should typical to you at a stoplight. Of course, the only way to stop in the waiting is come give means to various other aircraft and continue circling. Controllers might use this signal if they see you (a non-radio airplane) approaching the traffic pattern and also are can not to succession you into the circulation of traffic. They"ll host you in your present position till they have the right to clear you come land. At that time you"ll probably receive a steady eco-friendly light. Anytime you check out a flashing red irradiate in the air, it indicates danger. Think of all those red flashing beacons you see on high TV towers. Tower controllers send the end a flashing red light once the airport is unsafe because that landing. The runway might be take it up, there might be a disabled plane on the runway, or perhaps there space deer and antelope at play. Everything is wrong, the controller is telling you that negative things will happen to your an excellent airplane if girlfriend land there. It"s time to head because that the following closest airport. Alternating red and green lights, top top the soil or in the air, median exercise too much caution. There could be an additional no-radio plane in the pattern. Or, there could be wild pets running across the runway. Don"t think that this can"t happen. A other pilot in Florida had an alligator crawl top top the runway during landing. I"m not sure what would take place if girlfriend hit one of these huge guys. Maybe you"d leave a follow of boots, assorted baggage and also Gucci belts scattered follow me the runway. Light signals likewise apply to surface motion at tower managed fields. Radios carry out go top top the fritz occasionally, though many general aviation airplanes have actually a twin set of communications radios. If over there is no avionics repair shop at your house field, you"ll must fly somewhere to obtain it fixed. If you have actually no interactions capability, simply speak to the tower by phone and also tell castle you want to depart the airport. They"ll more than likely tell you to taxi out and also visually monitor the tower because that light signals. Light signals likewise serve as your taxi instructions after a no-radio landing. Light Signals on the floor - A steady environment-friendly light ~ above the ground way the exact same to an plane as that does come a vehicle - go. A steady green light way that you"re cleared because that takeoff (in your airplane, no your car). A flashing eco-friendly light ~ above the ground method that you"re clearing to taxi. If girlfriend look in your rear watch mirror and also see a secure red light you"d better stop. It"s the law and they desire to talk to you. Similarly, a secure red irradiate from the tower way you have to stop. The controller wants you to organize your position. As soon as the time is right, they"ll carry out you v a flashing environment-friendly signal to continue taxiing. A flashing red irradiate in your rear watch mirror normally belongs come an emergency vehicle. Her natural solution in a car is to get off the road. In an airplane a flashing red light from the tower is a signal come taxi clean of the runway in use. You can have simply landed there is no a radio and also are taxiing under the active runway. The controller may have another aircraft waiting come land. A flashing red irradiate is a signal to clean the runway on i beg your pardon you"ve landed. Simply uncover the nearest taxiway and also get on it. The last light signal is the flashing white light. It only concerns operations ~ above the surface. If the airport suddenly becomes an extremely busy, your no-radio takeoff could be much more appropriate in ~ a later time. Controllers will certainly signal their desire to have actually you go back to your starting point ~ above the airport through a flashing white light. Think of the newer automobiles that have actually flashing headlights come warn you that you have to return come your starting point to turn them turn off (my original car had headlights that flashed, not because of new technology, but because of a bad circuit.

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The did have actually a cook rear window that retained my hands warmth on those cold days as soon as I had to press it in for repairs). For much more information top top this subject, see "Embraced by The Light."