In most cultures, the is tradition to express gratitude in some means or another. The dictionary specifies gratitude as follows: that is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”. Offering a sincere, thankful an answer to someone’s action or indigenous is regularly the ‘glue’ that keeps relationship together. This is true in most societies! Doing so in a foreign country likewise shows her respect and also appreciation because that the culture. Words have good power – usage these people sincerely and often!

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So, how do you speak ‘Thank you’ in French? You deserve to learn easily! Below, brings you perfect translations and also pronunciation as you discover the most usual ways French speaker say ‘Thanks’ in miscellaneous situations.


1. 12 methods to to speak ‘Thank you’ in French

1- give thanks to you.

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Merci !

The magical words the can lug a smile to any face. Because that one day, truly mean it whenever you say this words, and also see how this lifts your heart too!

2- That’s very kind the you.

C’est très gentil à vous/ à toi.

This phrase is suitable when someone clearly goes out of their way to give an excellent service, or to market you a kindness.

3- thanks for your type words!

Merci to water ces gentilles paroles!

Someone payment you a compliment and also made you feel good? the is type of him/her, therefore express her gratitude!

4- say thanks to you because that coming today.

Je vous remercie d’être venu(e)s aujourd’hui.

This welcoming phrase have to be part of her arsenal if you’re conducting more formal meetings through French speakers. If you’re hosting a party, this is additionally a good phrase as soon as you greet her French guests!

5- give thanks to you for her consideration.

Merci pour votre considération.

This is a more formal, virtually solemn method to thank someone for their thoughtfulness and sensitivity in the direction of you. That is also suitable come use when a native speaker has to take into consideration something girlfriend submit, favor a job application, a task or a proposal. You are thanking them, in essence, for time and also effort they are about to, or have spent on her submission.

6- thanks a lot!

Merci beaucoup!

This method the very same as ‘Thank you’, but with energy and also enthusiasm added! It method almost the very same as ‘thank you so much’ in French. Usage this in an informal setup with her French friend or teachers.

7- Teachers like you room not easy to find.

Les enseignants comme vous ne sont pas faciles à trouver.

Some phrases are compliments, which express gratitude by inference. This is among them. If you’re particularly impressed v your teacher, this is fantastic phrase to memorize!

8- thank you because that spending time with us.

Merci de passer du temps avec nous.

Any hold at a gathering v French speakers, such together a conference or a party, should have this under his/her belt! usage it when you’re saying goodbye or liven closing a meeting. That could additionally be another lovely way to thank your French language teacher for her time.

9- say thanks to you for being patient and also helping me improve.

Merci d’être patient(e) et de m’aider à m’améliorer.

This expression is an additional sure way to melt any type of formal or not blocked French teacher’s heart! to teach is not easy, and also often a many patience is required from the teacher. Say thanks to him/her because that it! It’s likewise a great phrase to use if you work in France, and also want to give thanks to your trainer or employer. You will certainly go a long method towards making you yourself a popular employee – gratitude is the many attractive trait in any type of person!

10- she the finest teacher ever!

Vous êtes le/la meilleur(e) professeur(e) que je n’ai jamais eu(e)!

This is likewise an enthusiastic means to thank your teacher by means of a compliment. It might just do their day!

11- say thanks to you for the gift.

Merci pour le cadeau.

This is a good phrase to remember once you’re the happy recipient of a gift. Present your respect and gratitude through these words.

12- I have learned so much thanks come you.

J’ai tellement appris grâce à vous.

What a exorbitant compliment to provide a good teacher! It way they have actually succeeded in your goal, and also you’re thankful for it.

2. Video Lesson: discover to say ‘Thank You’ in 3 Minutes

In French, friend only require one word for expressing gratitude: merci. And also for emphasis, you have the right to say merci beaucoup. In either case, in no situation is merci or merci beaucoup considered inappropriate. You can use lock as often as you favor without for for age difference, sex difference, formality, or casualness. However, since there is no other way to express gratitude in speech, we frequently say merci in a mechanical way. In the social Insight ar of this lesson, we will certainly look in ~ two means in i m sorry to do merci an ext personal.

Cultural InsightsA tiny Something Extra Politeness-Wise

As we simply mentioned, you can never say merci too much in France. Showing gratitude, particularly for newcomers, have the right to be a really successful means to have actually the French warmth up to you. Therefore one method to make merci much more personal is to usage it generously. Because that instance, if girlfriend ask a question in a shop or restaurant, the is a great idea to make eye contact and also say merci or merci beaucoup in ~ the end of the exchange. This is the exact same when obtaining off a bus or out of a taxi, after ~ an exchange through a waiter, or really after speaking with anyone. If you do the extra effort to look at the person in the eye and also say merci, the person will feeling acknowledged. It can be refreshing, especially in a culture that have the right to be fairly formal and also make gratitude somewhat automatic. However, ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, don’t be surprised if girlfriend don’t have as plenty of mercis coming ago to you-at first.

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You can display gratitude with world you don’t understand personally by adding the native monsieur or mam at the end. For instance, if someone-say a shopkeeper-helps you and also you want to present your appreciation while keeping a distance, to speak Merci, monsieur (“Thank you, sir”.) for a man and also Merci, madame (“Thank you, madam.” ) because that a woman. In fact, friend can add monsieur or mam at the end of any attend to to a stranger to make it ring with more politeness and also respect.

On the operation to France? Wait! girlfriend can’t go without some straightforward language paragraph under your belt! particularly if you heading to accomplish your prospective employer! either in human or online, knowing how to speak ‘Thank you’ in the French language will certainly only enhance their impression that you! conserves you time through this brief lesson that nonetheless packs a punch. Discover to say ‘Thank you’ in French in no time!

3. Audio Lesson: survival Phrases – thank You


Perhaps friend think that unimportant the you don’t recognize what ‘Thank you’ is in French, or the it’s too difficult a language come learn. Yet, as a traveler or visitor, you will be surprised at how far you deserve to go using a small bit of French in France!

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At, we offer you a few ways of saying ‘Thank you’ in French that you have no excuse no knowing, as they’re so an easy and easy to learn. The lesson is geared to help your ‘survival’ in formal and also informal cases in France, so don’t wait! You will never have to google ‘How carry out you say many thanks in French’ again…!