The temperature of the room between Earth and also the Moon is approximately 3 Kelvin ($approx -270^circ m C$). The moon has actually no atmosphere, therefore the warm convection is not feasible from the bright next to the dark next on Moon.

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Now, if the temperature of the room around the moon is $3 m K$, then exactly how the dark side of the moon is having a temperature of $100 m K$?




The "dark" next of the Moon is only truly dark throughout full Moon. Almost everywhere on the Moon over there is day and also night as well. The dark side of the Moon is called like that due to the fact that we execute not view it native Earth, due to the fact that the Moon reflects us constantly the exact same side because of tidal locking - not since it is constantly dark there.

In other words: during (lunar) day, the sun heats up the surface ar of the Moon and it gets pretty warm, also on the (not so) "dark" side of Moon. This describes the $100 m K$ you are citing.


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