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Hey, Brooke? You might wanna store an eye on your hubby! 

For ages, Bold & Beautiful viewers have actually been begging the present to bring back Taylor. Her lack was inexplicable, especially as her kids went through one situation (Steffy’s drug addiction) after one more (Thomas’ brain surgery), every without their mommy by their side. However now that Krista Allen is ready to step right into the function created by Hunter Tylo, the MIA mom will be able to not only support she trauma-plagued offspring yet stir up some trouble of she own.

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Although Allen’s an initial episode isn’t slated to air until Friday, December 10th, we’re already salivating at the thought of how Taylor’s arrival will shake things up. Review on for our thoughts on simply some the the stories waiting to be told!

1. Earlier to the Future


Above: too late, Nick realized the answer to the question “Can’t we all just obtain along?”

While he hasn’t been mentioned in years, we haven’t forgotten the Brooke and also Taylor type of “share” a child. You could recall the years ago, Taylor was married to Ridge’s half brother, Nick. Hope to start a family, lock sought the end an egg donor who, thanks to a screw-up in the laboratory, wound up gift Brooke. A minor situation of SORAS would leave Jack (named after ~ Taylor’s dad) the perfect period to offer Zende and Thomas a little bit of competition for Paris while giving his two moms many of reason to target heads.

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3. She Shoots, She Scores


Above: “Mom, why execute I hear ‘It’s a tiny World’ play in the background?”

We to be told that Taylor couldn’t attend Steffy and Finn’s wedding since she to be doing missionary work-related and, if we’re gift honest, we uncovered that mighty suspicious. Miscellaneous tells united state that soon after the oncologist/shrink come in Los Angeles, she’ll be went to by who who’ll shed much more light on wherein she’s really been — and also what she’s to be doing — every this time!

5. Mommy Fearest


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Back in 1990, as soon as The Bold and also the Beautiful introduced the personality of Taylor Hayes (then Hunter Tylo), she was an oncologist who took a unique interest in one patient in particular: Caroline Spencer. We’re certain it had nothing whatsoever to perform with the fact that Taylor greeted Caroline’s soon-to-be-widowed husband v an enthusiastic…


One minute Taylor to be comforting the suddenly-single Ridge Forrester (then Ronn Moss), the next she to be jumping ~ above the marry-go-’round v him. It was a bumpy ride, though. Just how come? Their relationship was at best a situation of…


Taylor ended up exchanging vows with Ridge as often as he traded her in for a specific blonde bombshell whose motto might also have been…


Anytime Ridge told Taylor, “With this ring, i thee wed,” he seemed to rotate around and say the exact same thing to her fiercest rival, Brooke Logan. Ultimately, it came to be one large game of…


If Taylor got to walk down the aisle toward Ridge — i m sorry she did prefer clockwork every few years — then so walk Brooke. That, or she acquired to interrupt Taylor’s ceremony by riding in on horseback to object to the couple becoming husband and also wife. In the end, Taylor had to simply accept that…


Poor Taylor. How can she complete with Brooke, who told anyone who would listen that Ridge was her destiny. Well, anyone yet her various other husbands. Plus, Brooke was daring enough to get hitched dressed like She-Ra. Can you imagine Taylor dressing so outrageously for…well, any reason?


Of course, Taylor’s entire life hasn’t revolved approximately Ridge. Just most that it. Because that a while there, she was connected with the Forrester patriarch who increased him.


As a issue of fact, Taylor gained cozy v Eric no once yet twice. However the last time, they uncovered that her hate of Brooke was higher than her love for him might ever be. Luckily, it’s not like there weren’t other guys in Los Angeles that weren’t Ridge through whom she can get involved. Because that instance, over there was… um… his boy brother. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Sometimes Taylor didn’t even imagine the Thorne to be Ridge when she shut she eyes come kiss him. But their romance crashed and also burned fast when she confessed that, throughout an alcohol addict haze, she’d made roadkill of his wife, Darla.


On the rebound native Thorne, Taylor dropped for and married Ridge’s fifty percent brother, Nick Marone. Lock even determined to have actually a infant together. Unfortunately, what they gained instead of her run-of-the-mill fertilized donor egg was a serving of…


Based ~ above Taylor’s subdued reaction come the revelation of her egg donor’s identity, wanna take it a guess that it was? We’ll also give you a hint: The mrs in question’s surname rhymes with “book,” and also Taylor can barely say her surname without hissing. So was there anyone in Ridge’s family with whom Taylor didn’t obtain mixed up?


Not to it is in outdone by Brooke, that slept her way up one side of the Forrester family and also down the other, Taylor even had an affair with Rick, her nemesis’ kid with Eric. Of course, that was awkward extra, since he’d been dating her ill-fated daughter, Phoebe. Oh, didn’t we mention that Taylor had kids? Ridge’s, natch. Castle are, in short…


Don’t recognize any type of of this faces? Understandable. In 2015, cutting board was play by drew Tyler Bell, and also twins Steffy and Phoebe through the Hoover sisters, Addison and also Alex. Weirdly, Steffy and also Phoebe didn’t remain twins.


By the time Phoebe met she untimely demise, she looked much more like Steffy’s stepsister Hope than she did Steffy. But we digress. Anyone who knows Taylor knows the she yes, really isn’t the kind to two-time. However, she has been recognized to walk around…


Twice, Taylor was assumed to have kicked the bucket — first in a plane crash, climate at the hands of madwoman Sheila Carter. Both times, though, she to be really just chilling in Morocco, recovering in ~ the royal residence of smitten Prince Omar Rashid.


Taylor was once unfaithful to Ridge — but under the many extenuating the circumstances. In 1993, the shrink — yes, at some point, she was switched indigenous an oncologist come a psychiatrist — hooked up through med-school mentor James Warwick in ~ the huge Bear cabin. Not because she was warm for him or anything but because it was so dang cold that they were experiencing from hypothermia. Plus, he to be the 40-year-old virgin prior to there was a movie dubbed that. No method could she permit him die without punching his V card. Spoiler alert: no one died.


Clearly, this photograph of Taylor with Dollar invoice Spencer was taken prior to she began playing v a deck that was absent a couple of cards and shot him because that taking benefit of Steffy throughout a stormy patch in her marriage to — well, that’s creepy, isn’t it? — his very own son, Liam.

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Just look at at the bummed expression. Yup, as soon as Taylor left L.A. In 2019, it was pretty apparent that she quiet wanted much more than a heat hug indigenous Ridge (now Thorsten Kaye). Would she ever get it, though? That remained to be seen.