There are two common varieties of auto speed sensors and also they every play a different role. One type, the engine speed sensor (or transmission speed sensor) is usually mounted on the transmission or transaxle. The other type, wheel speed sensor (or vehicle speed sensor) is mounted on the knuckle eight on the 4 wheels.

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The engine speed sensor bring away data native crankshaft position sensor that offer information because that the engine turn speed. Auto speed data comes from the rate sensor which is situated on the wheels and also sends information about wheel spin speed.

Therefore, any kind of fault from either rate sensor or any kind of symptoms showing just how defective that has become can lead to a wide variety of abnormal problems in your automobile if friend fail to pay attention to the in time.

Common poor Speed Sensor Symptoms

#1 – Rough equipment Changes


Furthermore, sometimes the check engine light might light increase recurrently and also periodically as you accelerate without any good reason.

To know what the check engine light means, you have to use diagnostic tool or car OBD scanner to acquire the trouble code(s) i beg your pardon will assist troubleshoot the issue. For example, DTC P0500 (Vehicle speed Sensor error Conditions) may show up to confirm the issue.

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Many difficulties can to happen if your auto has a faulty speed sensor. Indeed, a car that mirrors the symptom of a worn-out rate sensor deserve to bring around other related symptoms to various other parts the the car, such as a faulty throttle position sensor or also a malfunctioning coil pack.

Faulty rate sensor symptom come with some common features that can impact your automobile engine and its connected components.

And finally, any type of of the above speed sensor symptoms need to prompt girlfriend to take it your automobile to one auto repair shop or trusted mechanic so that they have the right to run a computer system diagnostic ~ above your auto to identify the faults.

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Even though some of the over symptoms may allude towards a malfunctioning transmission, it is recipient to visit a fix shop having actually the best computer diagnostic tools even before visiting a repair shop specializing on rate sensors to ascertain the actual problems.