Note: Bid background may contain automatic bids placed because of a pre-existing higher Max Bid.


sleeve price $400

get in max bid that $10 or more.
Bid Increments ×

once you place a bid, the price does not immediately increase to that number.

Instead, the is your maximum bid and also the price boosts by the following increments as various other bids space placed.

current Price following Minimum Bid Increment
$1 - $4 Bid at the very least $1 more than current price.

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$5 - $99 Bid at least $5 an ext than present price.
$100 - $199 Bid at the very least $10 much more than existing price.
$200+ Bid at the very least $25 an ext than current price.




No in-person items Inspection for this auction. You re welcome bid with that in psychic - regular AS IS, NO REFUNDS rule apply.


Thu Mar 18, 2021 at 7:00PM PDT. View individual items for exact staggered close up door times.

expanded BIDDING

If a bid is put in the last 4 minutes, the auction for the item will automatically extend for secondary 4 minutes.


Pickup is limited to satellite Mar 20, 2021 10am-5pm & Tue Mar 23, 2021 1pm-5pm at Los Angeles warehouse

TRASH disposal

please be prepared to take her box with you. A $25 fee will certainly be charged for any boxes or rubbish left behind.


over there is a 15% Buyer"s Premium that will certainly be automatically included to her bid total. If her winning bid is $100, you will certainly be fee $115.

all purchases space subject come sales taxes

Sales taxation will it is in waived just if you have actually submitted a precious California reseller patent number before the auction closes.

all items are offered as is, wherein is

NO REFUNDS will certainly be authorize in any kind of circumstance. We carry out not carry out refunds because that partial/missing items or breakage. We space unable to check the working problem of our items. Note: credit transaction card chargebacks will result in a lifetime ban from our platform.

Bids cannot be changed or removed when submitted

each bid is a promise that you will honor the bid and all the terms of the auction. Carefully review the lot of description and your bid amount prior to submitting.

bid at your very own risk

We execute our ideal with titles and descriptions, yet we make no insurance claims or promises on your accuracy. The the person who lives is solely responsible because that determining condition and also identification the items.

Max bids space SUPPORTED

Max bids will rise the price follow to ours bid increments. You re welcome check ago before the end of the auction to check out if who else has actually placed a higher bid than your max bid.

credit cards charged immediately on auction close

Please perform not bid much more than your credit transaction limit. If there is one error in handling your payment, the item might be offered to the next highest bidder. No cash payments accepted.

Pickup times and also dates are solved and limited

If you carry out not choose up your items ~ above the pickup date, her items will be forfeited and sold in a future auction there is no a refund to your card. Please contact us at invoices

Pickup is DIY

Our employee will relocate your item come our warehouse door but cannot placed it in her vehicle. you re welcome come all set with your very own resources and tools to eliminate your purchases in a fashionable manner. If you room using a third party delivery provider, such together GoShare, your items have to be choose up on ours removal date. does not arrange shipping

We space happy to job-related with any third party provider at your own risk. Us recommend GoShare as a shipment provider. Their prices start in ~ $39.99. Refunds will not be detailed for any 3rd party services.

This Auction is being performed in compliance with section 2328 of the advertisement Code, section 535 of the Penal Code, and the provisions that the California civil Code. Inc. Link #63788247.

This item will certainly be sold to the highest possible bidder in ~ the item auction ending time:Thu Mar 18, 2021 in ~ 10:46PM PDT

NOTE: If a bid is put in the last 4 minutes, the auction because that this item will immediately extend for secondary 4 minutes.

Your Bid $130.00
15% Buyer’s Premium $19.50
Maximum Total* $149.50

*We will automatically place the shortest bid possible up to her max bid amount.

Extended Bidding: If a bid is put in the last 4 minutes of one item"s auction, we extend that article for another 4 minutes.

all SALES space FINAL and also items are sold AS IS, where IS

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