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A solute is a substance the is "dissolved into" the solvent, when the solvent is the problem "into which" other is dissolved. Now, when we prepare street water, we mix sugar right into water and thus street is the solute, while water is the solvent. The solvent is generally the bulk...

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A solute is a substance that is "dissolved into" the solvent, when the solvent is the substance "into which" something is dissolved. Now, as soon as we prepare sugar water, us mix sugar into water and thus sugar is the solute, if water is the solvent. The solvent is generally the mass phase, i beg your pardon is water in this case. Thus, for sugar water:

solute: sugar

solvent: water

Similarly, once we mix salt right into the water come make part brine solution, salt is the solute, if water is the solvent.

While preparing solutions, us can alter the rate of the resolution of solutes by enhancing their surface area (using crushed sugar rather of street cubes) and by stirring the solution. We can likewise increase the solubility that a specific solute right into solvent by enhancing the temperature that the solvent.

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