Garlic is most often cooked, included in dishes that space sautéed, baked, stir-fried, braised, roasted, minced right into ground meat preparations, or added to marinades, soups, spice rubs, soaked in olive oil or made right into tapenades. Truly, garlic adds an additional layer that flavor come every dish that you can discover this humble yet versatile ingredient in.

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Garlic is a pantry staple. What if girlfriend don’t gain the process of peeling, slicing, grating, chopping, mincing, or any kind of handling of new garlic? The powdered version and fresh variation of garlic room not constantly interchangeable, yet they are ideal their own ingredient.

What is the difference between garlic powder and minced new garlic? Minced garlic is fresher and also gives a punchier flavor than garlic powder, however garlic powder has actually an intense flavor from a little amount and is easier to use directly out the a party or jar and doesn’t burn easily.

Garlic powder vs Minced Garlic

FactorGarlic PowderMinced Garlic
Taste & FlavorSweetLess assertiveConcentrated but mellowConsistently flat throughout the cookingSharpPunchy tasteFull garlicky flavorAlmost-spicy ‘bite’
How to chef withUse finest like a seasoning, condiment, or a summer sprouts blendWhen including to tomato blends – restitute in the very same amount the water to relax garlic flavorBest because that dishes wherein garlic is a minor flavor ingredient: soups, stews, dips, saucesBurns quickly so should be subjected to low-medium warm onlyInfuse with oil and also any choice of fat for full flavor dispersal in the dish
ProsFlexibleEasy-to-use right from the containerMess-freeConsistent flavor distribution through the stages in the cookingGenerally, doesn’t affect the texture of foodFresher and also stronger flavor come the dishNutrients space preservedFresh garlic is a pantry stapleDifferent cooking and also slicing methods create different smell intensities, thus a an imaginative ingredient tool
ConsNot freshDoes not offer the bite or beat one desires from garlicWon’t offer the caramelly undertones from sautéed or roasted garlicInvolves a many of steps to attain – from skin the garlic to slicing come choppingMessy to make!Burns easilyLeaves a pungent aroma ~ above the handsDifficult come spread might be clumped due to its difficult nature
1 garlic clove equivalent1/8 teaspoon

(x variety of ave. Cloves in a garlic head = equal to one garlic head)

½ teaspoon
Can one substitute for the other?Yes, as long as the amount equivalent is used called for in the recipe.Yes, as long as the amount identical is used called for in the recipe.

Garlic Powder

Garlic flour is dehydrated garlic cloves the are carefully ground right into pulverized particles.


How to cook with Minced Garlic

The crucial thing to note with cooking freshly minced garlic is not wherein to use it, there space myriad ways and also recipes to chef with minced garlic.

It is the ‘how’ that is tricky to obtain the full flavor the minced garlic.

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SautéingUse a pan or skillet through a hefty bottom for also heating.Heat the oil or butter in low to tool heat prior to putting in the garlic.Soften the other ingredients (that take longer to cook) in the sauté, prior to you add your minced garlic.Stir consistently.RoastingIn a shallow pan, spread the minced garlic and cover v oil.Cover the dish through a pan through foil and roast for just ten minutes. Noþeles longer and also the garlic will certainly burn!Optional: Sprinkle salt end the minced garlic.FryingSimilar to sautéing, usage a heavy-bottomed pan or skillet.Subject oil come heat, before it smokes is the moment to add in the minced garlic.Minced garlic browns conveniently so remove it as soon as it turns slightly golden beige together waiting for it come brown is wait for it to burn! Garlic still cooks on its own a little bit after removing it from heat.Other waysWhen food preparation it through herbs, mince the garlic cloves together with the herbs – this technique helps the garlic stick to the herbs instead of making the knife sticky and also the smell is infused.Pre-soak minced garlic in your an option of oil, or melted fat such as butter or ghee, before adding into your desired dish to infuse the garlic taste and disperse that in the food properly.