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I have an 02 2.5rs and I require to change the fuel filter and also I"d like to pull the fuel pump fuse fairly than traction the lid off the fuel pump and disconnect the wire. How do I understand which fuse is the right one?Thanks in advance.

there is no fuse for it. However you have the right to disconnect the plug for the fuel pump relay. It will be a environment-friendly 4 pin square plugin you passenger footwell. Http://
Alternately traction the rear seat bottom, and then you deserve to disconnect the little two-wire white plug that goes to the fuel pump.

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Alternately pull the behind seat bottom, and then you can disconnect the tiny two-wire white plug the goes to the fuel pump.
I do the efforts pulling the green plug for the relay yet it"s wedged up in between the heater fan and kick panel. Therefore I simply covered the fuel line with a rag and also worked the heat off. I recorded the fuel through the rag and also the remainder is history.Thanks guys,
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