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Midwest GunworksComplete line of gunsmith. Blueing, refinishing, share fitting, etc. Poppert"sRemington, Browning, Mossberg,Stevens,Winchester and also L.C. Smith firing pins and also etc
Wolff GunspringsThousands of gun springs for you do-it-yourselfers.Brownell"sVery big inventory of parts for most major manufacturers and others.
Numrich"s mail order company specializing in current and also obsolete gun partsNumrich"s Schematics100"s of schematics because that a $1.00
Hoosier pistol Winchester, Remington, Mossberg, etcGun-Parts.comGun parts for over 350 Models Gun Stocks for over 400 Models
Wright"sGunstock blanksBenelli Link to your exploded views
Bob"sMillions of total partsVintageSportingdeals in hard-to-find guns and gun parts
Parts4gunsBrowning, Mossberg, Marlin, Winchester components GunsnPartsNew and used parts including stocks.
Wisner"sTHE location for useless shotgun partsObsolete Firearm components (Wisner"s)Numerous links and info of other companies with brand-new and used parts for out of production firearms.
SavagepartsSavage, savage and more savage partsSavagepartsExploded see of miscellaneous Savage shotguns
Bob Day, R&D custom Barrel ServiceBob is among the ideal in the business and also highly related to for his expertise in customizing shotguns.New England ArmsHigh quality modern and neck shotguns. Also, Import/Export, appraisal & legacy services. Reknowned gunsmithing
Midwest GunworksFine high quality gunsmithing plus guns restoration. You have the right to trust lock to perform a good job. Anderson tradition Shotgunshigh quality gunsmithing for competitive shooting and hunting
Timney TriggersIf you need it come be flexible then this is the guy.Burgin"s High high quality modifications and also repair the shotguns.
Marble"s OutdoorsPolychoke ManufacturerSeminole Gunworksspecializes in the do of Precision Choke tubes for many makes and model the shotguns.
AW CustomCustom shotgun repairs for competitors and collectors. Barrel honing and V springs duplicated. Holland&HollandHigh dollar and high top quality gunsmithing and also fitting.

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Baikal -IZH-27 -IZH-43 -IZH-94
BerettaParts-A300,301,302,303 -B300,301,302,303 -470 -625-680 -390 -391-ASE yellow -1200 -Pump-Silver Pidgeon -S03,S04,S05 -Whitwing/UltraAL-391
Browning-Parts-Obsolete Parts-Citori -Auto-5-Manuals
Benelli-Parts (included in Manual) -Manuals
Charles Daly -Manuals (by inquiry only)
CZ -Manuals
EAA -All Models -MP133
Franci -SPAS -12 & 15
IthacaPartsModel 51
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Marlin Must it is in ordered through Marlin
Merkel -SidexSide-Over/Under
Mossberg-Parts (By inquiry only)-Parts (for most)-Parts (bolt action)-Hoosier Parts-500Manuals (by request only)Decoding Mossberg part numbers
Remington-Parts-Obsolete Parts-Current Models-Model 870 -Model 1100 -Model 11-87-Others
Ruger -Red Label
Savage/Stevens/Springfield-Parts-Most models -24 -67 -Fox-Others
Winchester-Model 1200 Riot-Hoosier Parts-Model 12-Model 1200-Model 1400


ACCOUTERMENT - all equipment carried by a soldier on exterior of uniform, such together buckles, belts. Or canteens, yet not consisting of weapons.ACTION - The heart of the gun, receiver, bolt or breech block feeding and also firearm device - check out Box Lock, rolling Block, or next Lock.ADJUSTABLE CHOKE - A maker built into the muzzle of a shotgun to adjust from one choke come another.AIR GUN - A gun which uses compressed wait or gas to launch the projectile.APERT"URE SIGHT - A rear vision consisting of a feet or aperture with which the prior sight and also target are aligned.AUTO LOADING - see semi-automatic.BACKSTRAP - That part of the revolver or pistol framework that is exposed at the behind of the grip.BARREL BAND - A metal band, either addressed or adjustable, roughly the forend of a gun the holds the barrel to the stock.BARREL THROAT - The breech end of a revolver barrel is chambered and also somewhat funneled because that passage of bullet from cartridge instance mouth right into barrel.BEAVERTAIL FOREND - A wider than regular forend.BLUING - The blue or black end up of the steel parts that a gun. The process is in reality one of controlled rusting and brushing and also is usually created with an mountain bath. Bluing minimizes irradiate reflection, gives a "finish" to the bare metal, and also protects somewhat versus rust. BORE - inside of a barrel. Also the diameter the the barrel as measured across the lands of a rifled barrel. BOXLOCK ACTION - Typified by Parker shotgun in U.S. And Westley Richards in England. Generally considered not to be as strong as the next lock. Arisen by Anson & Deeley, the box lock is hammerless. It has actually two disadvantages: Hammer pin should be inserted directly below knee that action, i m sorry is the weakest spot, and activity walls should be thinned the end to get locks. These are put from listed below into big slots in action body, which is then closed through a plate. Greener crossbolt, when made correctly, overcomes many of the box lock weaknesses. BREECH - That portion of a total which has the action, the cause or shooting mechanism, the magazine, and also the chamber section of the barrel(s). An imprecise term typically including all the essential working components of a gun.BUCKHORN SIGHT - an open, metallic rear sight with sides that curl upward and inward.BULL BARREL - A heavier, more thickness than normal barrel with small or no taper.BUTT PLATE - A protective key attached come the butt.CALIBER - The diameter that the bore.CHAMBER - Rear component of the barrel that has actually been reamed the end so that it will contain a cartridge. Once the breech is closed, the cartridge is sustained in the chamber, and the chamber should align the primer v the shooting pin, the bullet with the bore.CHAMBER THROAT - also called THROAT, is the area in the barrel the is straight forward of the chamber and also that tapers to bore diameter. CHARCOAL color CASEHARDENING - A technique of hardening steel and iron while imparting to it colorful swirls and surface figure. Steel is boil by means of animal charcoal to 800-900° C, climate plunged into cold water.CHECKERING - A practical decoration used to pistol grips and forends consists of spicy pyramids reduced into the wood.CHOKE - The muzzle constriction top top a shotgun to manage spread the the shot.COCKING INDICATOR - Any device which the action of cocking a total moves into a position where it may be viewed or feel in order come notify" the shooter that the total is cocked. Common examples are the pins uncovered on some highgrade hammerless shotguns which protrude slightly when they space cocked, and likewise the exposed cocking knobs ~ above bolt-action rifles. Exposed hammers found on some rifles and pistols are also considered cocking indicators.COMB - The part of the stock on which the shooter"s cheek rests.COMBINATION GUN - generally a breakopen shotgun configuration fitted through at the very least one shotgun barrel and also one rifle barrel. Such firearms may it is in encountered v either two or three barrels, and less frequently with as countless as 4 or five, and have been known to chamber because that as plenty of as four various calibers.COMPENSATOR - A recoil-reducing machine which mounts on the muzzle of a gun come deflect component of the powder gases up and rearward. Additionally called a "muzzle brake".CRANE - In a contemporary solid-frame, swingout revolver, the U-shaped yoke on which the cylinder rotates, and also which stop the cylinder in the frame. CROWNING - The round off or chamfering usually done to a barrel muzzle come insure that the mouth of the bore is square v the bore axis and that the leaf is countersunk below the surface to safeguard it from influence damage. Traditionally. Crowning was completed by spinning an abrasive coated brass ball versus the muzzle while moving it in a number eight pattern till the abrasive had reduced away any type of irregularities and produced a uniform and also square mouth.CYLINDER - A rotating cartridge container in a revolver. The cartridges are held in chambers and the cylinder turns, one of two people to the left or the right, depending upon the gunmaker"s design. Together the hammer is cocked. CYROGENIC TEMPERING - computer controlled cooling procedure that relieves barrel tension by subjecting the barrel to a temperature that -310 degrees F because that 22 hours. DAMASCENE - The decorating of metal with one more metal, one of two people by inlaying or attaching in part fashion. Damascene is often confused with Damaskeening or engine turning. DAMASCUS BARREL - A barrel made by twisting, forming and also welding slim strips that steel roughly a mandrel. DERRINGER - A small, usually large caliber pistol DOUBLE ACTION - The principle in a revolver or auto-loading pistol wherein the hammer have the right to be cocked and also dropped by a solitary pull that the trigger. Most of these actions additionally provide ability for solitary action fire. In autoloading pistols, double action normally applies only come the very first shot of any kind of series, the hammer -being cocked by the slide for subsequent shots.DOUBLE-BARRELED - A total consisting of 2 barrels join either next by next or one over the other.DOUBLE-SET TRIGGER - A machine which consists of 2 triggers one to prick the mechanism that spring-assists the various other trigger, significantly lightening cause pull. DOVETAIL - A flaring machined or hand cut slot that is also slightly tapered toward one end. Cut into the upper surface ar of barrels and sometimes actions, the dovetail accepts a corresponding component on which a vision is mounted. Dovetail slot blanks are used to sheathe the dovetail when the initial sight has been eliminated or lost; this provides the barrel a much more pleasing appearance and configuration.DRILLING - German for "triple", i beg your pardon is their designation because that a three-barrel gun.EJECTOR - Mechanical device used to eject empty cartridges indigenous chamber(s).ENGINE TURNING - Overlapped clues of circular polishing.ENGLISH STOCK - A an extremely straight, slender-gripped stock.ENGRAVING - The art of carving metal in decorative patterns. Scroll engraving is the many common type of hand sculpture encountered. Lot of the factory engraving is roll on engraving; this is excellent mechanically. Hand sculpture is a tedious and costly job.ETCHING - A an approach of decorating steel gun parts.EXTRACTOR - A maker that withdraws the fired instance from the chamber.FALLING BLOCK - A single-shot activity where the breech block drops directly down once the bar is actuated.FIT and also FINISH - Terms provided to explain over-all firearm workmanship.FLOATING BARREL - A barrel bedded come avoid call with any allude on the stock.FLOOR PLATE - The piece which close the door the bottom that the magazine body.FORCING CONE - Forward part of the room in a shotgun whereby the chamber diameter is diminished to boring diameter. The forcing cone aids the passage of shot into the barrel.FOREND - The forward section of a rifle or shotgun stock.FREE RIFLE - A rifle designed because that international-type target shooting. The just restriction on design is load maximum 8 kilograms (17.6 lbs.).FRONT STRAP - That part of the revolver or pistol grip frame that deals with forward and often joins v the create guard. In target guns, significantly the .45 ACP, the former strap is frequently stippled to give shooter"s hand a on slide proof surface.GAUGE - The boring diameter the a shotgun.GROOVES - The spiral cut in the bore of a rifle or handgun barrel that give the bullet its spin or rotation as it moves down the barrel. HAMMERLESS - part "hammerless" firearms do in fact have surprise hammers, which are situated in the activity housing. Truly hammerless guns. Such together the Savage M99, have a firing system that is based on a spring-activated firing pin. HEEL - back end of the upper edge the the buttstock in ~ the top edge the the buttplate or recoil pad.LAMINATED STOCK - A gunstock do of plenty of layers of wood glued with each other under pressure. Lock are really resistant to warpage. LANDS - sections of the bore left between the grooves of the rifling in the bore of a firearm- In rifling, the grooves room usually double the broad of the land. Soil diameter is measured across the bore, indigenous land to land. MAGAZINE - The container i m sorry holds cartridges under spring pressure to be fed into the gun"s chamber.MAGNUM - A contemporary cartridge with a higher-velocity fill or more heavier projectile than standard.MAINSPRING - The spring that delivers energy to the hammer or striker. The recoil or operating spring in semiautomatic firearms is a part of the breech close up door system; is not the very same as the mainspring.MANNLICHER STOCK - full-length slim forend prolonging to the muzzle.MICROMETER SIGHT - A carefully adjustable target sight.MONTE CARLO STOCK - A stock through an elevated comb used generally for scoped rifles.MUZZLE - The forward finish of the barrel whereby the projectile exits.MUZZLE BRAKE - A recoil-reducing an equipment attached come the muzzle.OVER UNDER - A two-barrel gun in which the barrels space stacked one on height of the other.PARALLAX - wake up in telescopic sights as soon as the primary photo of the objective lens does not coincide v the reticle. In practice. Parallax is recognize in the limit when, together the viewing eye is relocated laterally. The image and also the reticle appear to relocate in relationship to every other.PARKERIZING - A matted rust-resistant oxide finish, generally gray or gray-green in color, uncovered on armed forces guns.PEEP SIGHT - A rear sight consisting the a feet or aperture through which the former sight and target are aligned.PEPPERROX - one early type of revolving repeating pistol in i beg your pardon a variety of barrels were bored in a one in a single piece of steel resembling the cylinder that a modern revolver. Functioning was the same as a revolver, the whole cylinder gift revolved to bring successive barrels under the hammer for firing. Though emerging as far earlier as the 16th century, the pepperbox go not become practical until the development of the percussion cap in the early 1800"s. Pepperboxes to be made in a wide variety of sizes and also styles, and reached your popularity peak during the percussion period. Few were do after the development of handy metallic cartridges. Both single- and also doubleaction pepperboxes to be made. Solitary barreled revolvers ~ the 1 840s were much more accurate and easier to handle and also soon displaced the quite clumsy and muzzle heavy pepperbox.POPE RIB - A rib integral through the barrel. Design by harry M. Pope, famous barrel device and shooter, the rib make it possible to mount a target scope short over the barrel.PROOFMARK - On european guns, is rather specific, indicating proof house and also all proofs performed, sometimes likewise date that proof. Evidence marks are used to all components actually tested, normally on the barrel, and also that in the white the is, not blued, and without sights. In the U.S., over there is no federalized or federal government proof house, only the manufacturer"s in-house proofmark indicating that a firearm has actually passed their internal quality control standards per federal government specifications. RECEIVER - That component of a rifle or shotgun (excluding hinged frame guns) that residences the bolt, shooting pin, mainspring, cause group, and also magazine or ammunition feeding system. The barrel is threaded right into the rather enlarged forward part of the receiver, referred to as the recipient ring. In ~ the behind of the receiver, the butt or share is fastened. In semiautomatic pistols, the structure or housing is sometimes referred to as the receiver.RELEASE TRIGGER - A trap shooting trigger that fires the gun when the create is released.RIB - A elevated sighting aircraft affixed to the optimal of a barrel.RIFLING - The spirally reduced grooves in the boring of a rifle or handgun. The rifling stabilizes the cartridge in flight. Rifling may rotate to the left or the right, the greater parts the the bore being called lands, the cut or lower parts being called the grooves. Many types exist, such as oval, polygonal, button, Newton, Newton-Pope, parabolic, Haddan, Enfield, segmental rifling, etc. Many U.S.-made barrels have a right-hand twist, when British gunmakers favor a left-hand twist. In practice, there seems to be small difference in accuracy or barrel longevity.ROLLING BLOCK ACTION - solitary shot action, designed in the U.S. And widely used in early on Remington arms. Additionally known as the REMINGTON-RIDER action, the breechblock. Actuated by a lever, rotates under and ago from the chamber. Firing pen is had in block and is triggered by hammer fall.SCHNABEL FOREND - Erroneously likewise called shnobel or schnobel. A curved and also sometimes sculpted shape at the forend the resembles the beak of a bird (Schnobel in German). This form of forend is typical on Austrian and also German guns; was renowned in the U.S., yet the popularity of the schnable forend comes and goes through the seasons. A schnabel forend is frequently seen on practice stocks and rifles.SHORT ACTION - A rifle design for shorter cartridges.SIDELOCK - A form of action, normally shotgun, wherein the moving parts are situated on the lock bowl inletted in the stock. Usually uncovered only top top high quality shotguns and also rifles.SIDE PLATES - Ornamental additions to simulate a side lock gun on a boxlock.SINGLE ACTION - A revolver design which calls for the hammer to be manually cocked for each shot. Also an auto-loading pistol architecture which requires hands-on cocking that the hammer for the very first shot only.SINGLE TRIGGER - One create on a double-barrel gun. That fires both barrels singly by succeeding pulls.SLING SWIVELS - steel loops affixed to the gun on i m sorry a transporting strap is attached.SPUR create - A trigger mounting device that housed the cause in an extension of the frame in some old guns. The cause projected just slightly native the former of the extension or spur, and no create guard was used on these guns.SUICIDE unique - A mass-produced selection of inexpensive rimfire single action revolvers, usually with a spur trigger. Therefore named because many suicides to be committed with this form of cheap handgun. This guns carried many fancy names; those in good condition have end up being true collector"s items.TAKE DOWN - A total which have the right to be easily taken apart for transferring or shipping.TANG - An extension of the receiver into the stock.TOP STRAP - The upper component of a revolver frame, which regularly is either slightly grooved - the groove serving together rear sight - or i beg your pardon carries at its rearward end a vision that might be adjustable.TRAP STOCK - A shotgun stock with greater length and also less fall for trap shooting.TWIST BARRELS - A process in which a steel rod (called a mandrel) to be wrapped v "skelps" - ribbons that iron. The skelps were then welded in a charcoal fire to type one piece of metal, after i beg your pardon the rod was driven out come be provided again. The inner of the resulting pipe then had to be laboriously boring out by hand to eliminate the roughness. When polished, the external was smoothed on huge grinding wheels, normally turned by water power.VENTILATED RIB - A sighting plane affixed along the size of a shotgun barrel through gaps or slot milled for cooling purposes.

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YOUTH DIMENSIONS - commonly refers to much shorter stock dimensions and/or lighter weight enabling youth/women come shoot and carry a lighter, much shorter firearm.