Most recognized for his slew the Food Network shows, Bobby Flay is the summary of a celebrity chef. In enhancement to his plenty of television and also film appearances, mostly on the Food Network but additionally most recently appearing as Fred Jones" uncle in a 2018 Scooby Doo movie, he has owned a score the restaurants transparent the country and also written several cookbooks.

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For the past few years, Flay has been believed of by part as a ladies" man, it"s a reputation the grows since of the amount of wives he has actually had and the women he has been attached to. There have actually been several celebrities that have actually allegedly to be dated the renowned chef, yet in enhancement to every one of his rumored and confirmed girlfriends, he"s also been married three times, through his first marriage lasting just two years, his 2nd resulting in the bear of his only child and also his third ending in 2015 after ~ 15 years together.

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After authoring about 15 cookbooks, showing up on more than 20 Food Network shows, and owning plenty of restaurant locations, it"s safe to say that Bobby Flay, is just one of the most renowned celebrity chefs around.

"Food is the epicenter of mine life," Flay wrote on his website. "It"s the means I do my living, the means I refer myself and also how I save healthy. I interact with the world through food."

Flay made his first appearance on the Food Network in 1994, and since climate he has regularly held programs including Worst Cooks in America and Beat Bobby Flay, in which 2 chefs come on to success a opportunity to compete versus Flay, creating the finest dish that they can.

His professional life has actually been well recorded through his appearances ~ above the Food Network, and also his an individual life has actually been of farming interest together well. Flay most recently publicly date actress Heléne Yorke indigenous 2016 through 2019. Yorke is probably best-known for she starring function as Brooke top top The various other Two and recurring function as Amy Breslin ~ above The good Fight, and also starring as Glinda in a touring manufacturing of Wicked.

Prior to date Yorke, Flay has been married 3 times, v his second marriage leading to one daughter, Sophie Flay. In addition to his marriages, Flay has actually been linked to numerous women consisting of Mad Men star January Jones and also fellow chef Giada De Laurentiis.

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As his career began to take it off, Bobby Flay married fellow chef Debra Ponzek in 1991, when he was 26. The couple got involved over lunch at an American Place, a restaurant the was situated in the Murray Hill ar of brand-new York City, after simply a couple of weeks of conference each other in 1990, and also he proposed with a pear-shaped diamond ring.

Ponzek to be an engineering student in ~ Boston University prior to dropping the end to attend the Culinary university of America. Flay learned at the French Culinary academy in brand-new York City.

The 2 chefs met once Bobby Flay was functioning at miracle Grill, in brand-new York City"s eastern Village, however by the time they to be married he had opened increase his flagship restaurant, Mesa Grill, which closed its brand-new York location in 2013.

Their wedding and reception were hosted at the Rainbow Room in brand-new York City, follow to a New York Times article, and contained a multi-course meal served to the about 225 guests of the wedding was all set by Andrew Wilkinson, that was the executive chef in ~ the Rainbow Room at the time. Because that dessert, the couple had a vanilla and blackberry wedding cake do by Sylvia Weinstock, a new York City-based baker who has likewise made cakes because that Donald Trump and Martha Stewart, follow to a profile by The times of Israel.

While Bobby Flay is at some point one that the most famed chefs in the world, that wasn"t the single chef in his very first marriage as his wife, Debra Ponzek, also worked together a chef in ~ Montrachet, a restaurant owned by drew Nieporent in new York City.

In fact, both Flay and Ponzek to be up for a James Beard structure Award in 1992. Due to the fact that 1991, the James Beard foundation has held an compensation show and recognized inspiring and also innovative chefs and also restaurateurs, as well as authors and journalists that write about food. Ponzek ended up to win the climbing Star cook award at the ceremony in 1992, and presented the compensation to Flay as soon as he won the exact same honor the adhering to year.

When lock competed against each various other in 1992, Flay attempted to retract his name from consideration, as he go not want to compete versus his wife, yet was told the the poll results could not be changed.

"Bobby called me asking to withdraw his nomination to not compete against Debra," stated James Beard foundation Awards director Melanie Young in a story released by Eater about how the yearly awards show came to be. "I told him, "We can"t change voting results.""

After 2 years that marriage, Bobby Flay and Debra Ponzek divorce in 1993. It didn"t take it her long to discover love again, as she married husband Greg Addonizio in April the 1995. The pair first met in 1984 if attending culinary college together.

After graduating from culinary school, Addonizio worked at The Pear Tree in Rumson, NJ, then Lavanos Restaurant in White Plains, NY prior to opening his own restaurant The Miramar coast Inn in California, where he live for seven years. When he moved back east, he experienced his former classmate doing a cooking demonstration top top a late-night TV show and reconnected through her.

Ponzek left new York as soon as she married Addonizio and moved phibìc to Connecticut. In 1995, she and her husband opened up Aux Delices, a restaurant, store and also catering firm based in their new state.

"After settling down v three children in , the became evident to united state that many busy families (much like our own) often uncovered it difficult to consistently carry out home-cooked meals when our kids were participating in every sorts of activities after school," Ponzek composed on her company"s website. "Our goal came to be providing delicious homemade food, made with healthy and balanced ingredients, the was basic to lug home to her family."

They now have 4 locations throughout the state in Riverside, Greenwich, Darien, and Westport.

Bobby Flay met his second wife at the Food Network

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Bobby Flay didn"t stray too far when conference his second wife, together they both were functioning on mirrors for The Food Network when they met in 1994. Kate Connelly was working as a cohost ~ above Robin Leach talk Food once she came across Flay, who showed up as a guest ~ above the display while also working together the chef in ~ two various restaurants in new York City, Bolo and Mesa Grill, according to a story around the wedding in The new York Times.

Connelly, that was a solitary mother at the moment with a son, Jonathan, walk on her an initial date through Flay at The Monkey Bar in new York City. Flay stated the reality that she was a solitary mother was one of the factors that he to be attracted come her.

They were engaged a couple of months ~ the first date, and also married October 1, 1995, at Flay"s restaurant, Bolo.

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Bobby Flay came to be a stepfather as soon as he married second wife Kate Connelly in 1995, and then he ended up being a father one year later when Connelly provided birth come daughter Sophie top top April 16,1996 (via Delish).

Sophie, now 24, functions as a community journalist because that ABC7 in Los Angeles. For her occupational at ABC7, she"s extended muralists who room honoring Kobe Bryant, silver- Lake community council meetings, Biden pendant in the silver Lake community celebrating ~ it was announced he won the 2020 Presidential Election, and community fridges offering totally free food come struggling neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In enhancement to her work-related for ABC7, Sophie Flay is a contributor to Localish, and co-hosts the present The Flay List with her Dad, in which they travel around new York City trying to find the finest local meals. She has likewise joined her dad on Beat Bobby Flay and Brunch at Bobby"s.

Bobby Flay and also Kate Connelly filed for divorce in 1998, just three year after marrying. Two years later on he met actress Stephanie March, that was certification on Law & Order: distinct Victims Unit at the moment as Alexandra Cabot. March showed up in an ext than 90 episodes of the show, and also even starred in a spinoff series, Conviction.

Her acting career started in 1997 as soon as she play Arlene in an illustration of Early Edition, a TV present starring Kyle Chandler the ran native 1996 until 2000. Her most recent role is Deb eco-friendly in the TV movie A residence on Fire, i beg your pardon is right now in post-production.

March has showed up in countless movies and TV shows, return her many notable function to day was that of Cabot in the Law & Order universe. She has additionally had minor functions in 30 Rock, Grey"s Anatomy, and also Rescue Me.

Unlike his very first dates v his previous 2 wives, Bobby Flay and also Stephanie in march were set up top top a blind date in 2000. The pair had their an initial date at brand-new York City"s Nobu, the famous sushi restaurant own by Nobu Matsuhisa, a Japanese celebrity chef. They dated for three years before Flay suggest in December 2003.

Flay popped the huge question during the holiday season while ice cream skating at new York City"s Rockefeller Plaza, coincidentally where his first marriage to Ponzek to be held, and also proposed come his third wife through a princess-cut engagement ring. Lock were engaged for two years before the pair finally bound the knot. Throughout their time together, March showed up on several of Flay"s Food Network shows, consisting of eight appearances on Boy Meets Grill with Bobby FlayBobby Flay FitThrowdown with Bobby Flay, and Iron chief America: The Series

After five years together, Bobby Flay and Stephanie March were married on February 20, 2005 in ~ St. Peter"s Episcopal in new York City through Rev. K Dennis Winslow (via The new York Times). March, one alum the Northwestern university in Evanston, Illinois, maintained her very own last surname throughout the marriage, i beg your pardon lasted ten years before they filed because that divorce in 2015.

The pair ended their marriage amid rumors the Flay, who was 50 in ~ the time, was having actually an affair v his assistant, Elyse Tirrell, who was 28 in ~ the time, and also worked at one of Flay"s restaurants, Bar Americain, before coming to be the renowned chef"s assistant. In response to the allegations, Flay"s representative exit a statement saying they would certainly not publicly respond come the alleged affair.

March and Flay had a prenuptial agreement in which Flay had actually to pay his ex-wife $5,000 a month.

After filing for divorce points turned ugly because that Bobby Flay and ex-wife Stephanie March, as personal details about their relationship and also marriage started getting leaked to numerous sources. Among the leaks alleged that as soon as March had an emergency appendectomy in November of 2013, Flay walk not revolve up to be at her side.

According come TMZ, arch had the emergency surgical treatment after she appendix burst, and also Flay didn"t concerned her bedside at the hospital until the day after she surgery. He additionally reportedly left prior to she was discharged, speak he had actually to work and offering come send his assistant to help his wife out together she recovered in the hospital.

That wasn"t the just time the Flay wasn"t there because that March, as they spent their 10th, and also ultimately final, anniversary apart, together Flay was attending the Food Network & food preparation Channel south Beach alcohol & Food Festival alongside fellow chefs Giada De Laurentiis, male Fieri, and also Duff Goldman. On February, 21, 2015, the day after the couple"s 10-year anniversary, Flay organized Bobby Flay"s Caribbean warmth at the festival.

Following her emergency appendectomy in 2013, climate a surgical treatment to help her endometriosis one month later, March go under the knife secondary time the next year to have actually breast implants.

The surgery, which took ar in august 2014, carried March to she knees, i beg your pardon she wrote about in an essay for Refinery 29. In the essay she stated that while she has actually no difficulties with plastic surgery, the decision to acquire breast implants eventually wasn"t a great one because that her, and she had the surgical treatment done due to the fact that she felt out of regulate in her own life.

"I was 39 years old, and also my life was disintegrating," March said in the essay. "Couldn"t obtain a task I want on camera, couldn"t get attention because that my manufacturing projects, couldn"t take trip the world far sufficient or fast sufficient or immerse myself in philanthropy enough to make it all walk away."

She also attributed this feeling to her marriage with Flay fallout’s apart, and also having a challenging time coping with that. March claimed that she adjusted her body due to the fact that she can not readjust anything else in she life, and that Flay to be "bewildered" by her decision to have the surgery.

Two months after her breast augmentation, March uncovered out the her appropriate implant was infected. She to be on antibiotics for 6 weeks prior to having the implant re-implanted, but then suffered an additional infection in December 2014, when she determined to have her implants removed for good.

While her partnership with Bobby Flay ultimately didn"t occupational out, Stephanie march didn"t let that stop her together she continued to find for love. She found it simply two year after her divorce as soon as she married tech investor Dan Benton at the home that they share in Katonah, brand-new York, according to a People to exclude, article.

March was introduced to the investors a few months after she divorce from Flay, and their first date to be at the Orient Express, a bar in brand-new York City"s West Village. Benton, who is 15 years March"s senior, is the founder the Andor Capital, a hedge fund that shuttered in 2016.

He proposed come the Law & Order: special Victims Unit actress when they were vacationing with each other in Greece. In ~ the wedding, march wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress and borrowed she sister"s earrings. Her best friend played the Star Wars theme track on March"s grandmother"s piano as she walked under the aisle, together both the bride and also the groom are large fans the the franchise. The wedding awareness was complied with by an out luncheon at the home.

After Bobby Flay and ex-girlfriend Heléne Yorke break-up in 2019, the famed chef admitted on his show Beat Bobby Flay that he"s "very single," adding that Yorke "kicked him to the curb," as soon as questioned through Fran Drescher, together she do an appearance on the show.

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Flay fans to be excitedly wondering if he had discovered a brand-new love interest once he stated the name "Christie" in one Instagram video he post in Dec. 2019, however it turns out the Christie he referred to in the video is most most likely his assistant, Christie Bok, who started working because that the culinary extraordinaire in 2018. Prior to that, she had actually been work by Mario Batali and had operated in the Delish test kitchen. 

It to be a bit an overwhelming to meet brand-new people in 2020, due to social distancing requirements, and Flay has actually not been connected to anyone brand-new since his breakup with Yorke.