“Tempted through the fruit the another/Tempted but the fact was discovered” (from the track “Tempted” by the tape Squeeze).

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With this song stuck in my head ~ above repeat, I offered this Sunday’s Gospel come ponder: what is temptation? at its core, temptation (from other small, choose eating extra dessert, to something bigger, choose gossip) is a desire towards something that is not an excellent for me or for various other people. If what ns desiring is to pray much more and to be kinder, well, that’s no a temptation; it’s a contact from God. God is the root of goodness, not temptation.

However, recognizing temptation is tricky due to the fact that it can initially look favor something good. For instance, healthy and balanced eating is an excellent for me and also for the planet. However, ns can get scrupulous about it, and when ns tip into that, the in the temptation/not-good-for-me category. Also, ns a human being pleaser, and also sometimes helping someone stems, no from a pure great to execute good, yet from a desire to be liked. Temptation.

Jesus is likewise tempted by something that appears good. The desire come eat, especially when he is so hungry, is not bad. However, in this context, it’s a movement versus God, an enticement to rely on miscellaneous that’s not God. It’s not for his good. It seems prefer it’s all about motivation and also attitude – because that him and also for me.

Some kinds of temptation are more obviously wrong, yet they have a pull on me anyway. Yes sir something in me, and also probably in many of us, that periodically moves away from God. Ns don’t know why, however it’s there.


In the Gospel reading, even Jesus is tempted to test God or to worship that i beg your pardon is not God. When I picture the evil one tempting me to praise him, I nearly laugh since I snapshot a cartoon guy in a red suit. However, once I think of mine unhealthy attachments, it’s not so funny. I find myself fastened to several things that are not God, favor my phone, which traction me away from conversation and relationship. Prefer the auto I drive, which provides me the illusion that independence. Favor Netflix, which keeps me indigenous praying and being present to mine life.

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We reflect on this reading in our small group this week, and also what I came to see indigenous our share is how much us are prefer Jesus. We space tempted, sure, however we are also led by the Spirit. And maybe that’s what we perform in solution to temptation – enable the spirit to command us. We may stray indigenous time come time, yet the more we allow the soul to to fill us, the an ext we have the right to be led by it.

The contact I hear in the analysis is to shot and recognize what leader me: is the the heart of God or other else? If it’s the Spirit, then ns am ~ above the method toward God and also toward good. If what is top me is not of God, then I have the right to always adjust directions.

May God offer us all good discernment and the discipline to follow where the spirit leads!


For Reflection:

What often tends to be sources of temptation because that you? What is it about these that makes them have such a host on you?

Do friend have any type of attachments that room not the God? What perform they do for you?

How carry out you recognize when you space being led by the Spirit? how do you understand when you are following something else?

What carry out you need from God together you reflect on temptations and also attachments and also move into this season the Lent?

By sister Leslie Keener, CDP

Sister Leslie Keener, CDP is the manager of God Space, a community-building spirituality ministry in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She’s a sisters of magnificent Providence with a master in Ministry and also a Certificate in spiritual Direction and Retreats native Creighton University. She directs retreats, meets with world for spiritual direction, and also serves as the vocation manager for her community. She likewise serves ~ above the Coordinating council of spirituality Directors International. She enjoys music, systematic conversations, and also dancing.