The smart shoes would be the ones with the pair of shoes laces in persues. User Info: xX_m477h3w_Xx. XX_m477h3w_Xx 10 years back 2 3. Prize this Question. You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A together a guest. Sign Up for free (or log In if you already have one account) to. Where deserve to I discover (suit and also tie and also smart shoes for packies mission)?

What is the suit and also tie and also smart shoes for packies mission?? pleasee help!! User Info: youngchamp4. Youngchamp4 11 years ago. Peak Voted Answer. Girlfriend can acquire bthese from persues or. What carry out i undertake if i wanna satisfy Jimmy P.?smart clothes and also shoes?what does that mean?

User Info: nica03. Nica03 10 years ago. Accepted Answer. A suit. Jimmy P. Is the head the the Pegorino family.

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you can’t display up looking prefer you just obtained off the boat. Walk to Perseus and buy a suit and you have to be an excellent to go. For grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A concern titled “About Jimmy Pegorino.What space smart clothes and also shoes?”.

it will include everything (jacket, pants, tie.) as for the shoes, simply pick any kind of of the shoes that space in Perseus, yet I went safe v an online guide I found and bought the black dress up shoes the counted as smart shoes. They space the many expensive, yet they worked. Favourite price Buy black color or brown shoes from the clothing shop called Perseus ~ above the second main island. There room two of these shops. Also wear a whole suit and dont wear any type of hats or glasses. Ns am trying to gain missions from Jimmy yet it store telling me to obtain some clever clothes and also shoes in order for NIko to accomplish Jimmy HELP! run to content.

GTA IV; GTAFORUMS. LET’S walk BOWLING! currently user? GTA IV ; Jimmy Pegornio “smart clothes” authorize in to monitor this. Pendant 0. Jimmy Pegornio “smart clothes” by Euro852, might 11, 2008. Grand Theft Auto IV Mission Walkthrough video clip in full HD (1080p) GTA IV & illustration from Liberty City (Chronological Order) Playlist:

What clothing store execute I purchase the smart shoes and suit and tie, cool Theft Auto 4 Questions and answers, Xbox 360. Mod many thanks for the town hall the video, if you preferred the video please subscribe, lik.

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