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After opened the gyeongju menu, you'll notice my character is paler.

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Here's my personality after making the changes.

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My character after saving my game, exiting, and also reloading.

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How to readjust Your Character's Race

If you adjust your character's race, her stats will change as well. This is due to the fact that each gyeongju in Skyrim has different strengths and weaknesses—these room reflected in the different beginning levels of various skills. Therefore, an altering your race should, in theory, readjust your ability levels due to the fact that your old racial modifiers will be removed and your new racial modifiers will certainly be applied. However, this isn't the case. Instead, an altering your race may result in the following:

Mismatched Experience and Skill Levels: Unfortunately, the video game doesn't immediately allocate your previous suffer with the same an abilities that you've collected while playing, so your new skill levels won't complement those that you had actually before. In fact, it appears to simply sort that dump every one of your experience into Destruction and Restoration (at least in every my attempts.)Rebalancing your Stats and changing Levels: also worse, the affects an ext than your skill levels. An altering your race likewise leads come the result of either rebalancing your Magicka, Health, and also Stamina stats by setup them together all equal, or it'll collection them every to 100. The changes to your an abilities may also an outcome in your level transforming as well.Losing details Race-Related Powers: Changing your race may additionally cause friend to shed the race-related power you had actually when you started the game, and won't necessarily be used to your brand-new race.

All in all, transforming your race utilizing showracemenu is a poor idea.


Changing your race changes your stats!

Using SetRace and also SetPlayerRace to adjust Your Race

What about changing your gyeongju without utilizing showracemenu? You have the right to use the console commands 'setraceraceId' or 'setplayerrace raceId' (you need to readjust Race ID come the ideal race, prefer ImperialRace or KhajiitRace, etc.) to change your character's race. However, this has actually the regrettably side result of causing the video game to forget where your head texture is located. The following time you pack the game, her head will certainly be missing!

Therefore, over there is no known method to permanently change your character's race without bring about a bug of some sort.

Changing her Character's Size

The weight slider allows you to readjust your character's build, but it doesn't offer you any type of control over the character's size. If you want to make your character higher or shorter, therefore, you need to use the console. As always, use console commands at your own risk.

How to adjust Character's Size

Open the console '~' and type: player.setscale x.x (where x.x is the scale you would choose your character to be set at—for example, setup your character's scale to 0.98 will make lock a small smaller, and 1.02 will make castle a tiny taller. The default is 1.0.)Type '~' again come close the console once you're done.You can inspect the current scale of your character by keying player.getscale (you don't need to administer a number).

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Note: Don't go crazy through these settings since it's very easy to blow her character means out of proportion. (Unless, of course, that's what you desire to do.) generally adjusting them by .2 or .3 is sufficient to obtain the effect you're spring for. If friend make your character too tiny or too big, you may run into gameplay issues. (For example, I set one personality to 0.5 and after a pair of minutes they started to operation really slowly.)

Messing approximately with the console occasionally results in unintentional side-effects. Don't lose your head over it, though.