That’s nice, yet can us Woohoo with them? This Sims proverb is practically as old as the game itself and with three new NPCs included through the new Sims 4 Paranormal stuff Pack, the is pertinent that we talk about the matter of Guidry the Ghost.

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As we have currently discovered, you deserve to indeed Woohoo through Bonehilda and you deserve to even include her to her family and also have her babies.

Temperance is another new NPC – but she’s a little bit moody therefore we’ll have the discussion about that particular pursuit some other day. Because that now, let’s comment on Guidry the Ghost, her happy helper in ~ the Haunted home Residential lot (the new Lot type that comes with the Paranormal ingredient Pack).

Claude René Duplantier, or Guidry the Ghost together he is much more commonly known, usually shows up top top your second night in a Haunted House and also he even comes v his really own interactions menu… but most Simmers room interested in something a bit an ext traditional: Whoohoo…or together we’ll contact it from currently on WooGhoooul.

How to include Guidry to your household in The Sims 4

For the objectives of this certain article, we just went directly to the Shift-click cheat to do Guidry a household member. We space not sure if you deserve to ask him to move in in the more traditional way, however we do know that you have the right to flirt to the point where you ask him to be her partner.

Once you’ve added Guidry, you’ll be able to edit that in Create-a-Sim similar to you can with all the other family members members. Interestingly, unlike as soon as you edit other ghosts v CAS (using cheats, that course), Guidry doesn’t remain ghost the shade when an altering his outfit.


You will also notification that the does not have actually a name included and girlfriend will have to do so yourself. That will return to his ghostly cloaked shade as soon as you departure CAS, though.

No ghost babies: however you deserve to Woohoo through Guidry

While ghosts room still not accessible as a life state in The Sims 4 and also there are no ghost babies (unlike in The Sims 3), you can still WooGhooul with Guidry. It is also possible to have Guidry be your baby’s daddy, yet you will have to use a couple of cheats to execute so.

To WooGhoul is pretty straight forward. Guidry is a familiar fella and also loves to flirt, so carry on as you usually would. In fact, Guidry walk not even have to be part of your household for part spooky spooning. And also your Sims will certainly be STOKED about the “achievement” the WooGhouling.


We’re yet to check out what happens if Temperance to be to catch Guidry in the act – or if Bonehilda can get jealous, yet for now, let’s just focus on Guidry’s err…. Business.

Having a baby v Guidry the Ghost

As we have currently mentioned, ghosts are unable to develop in The Sims 4, so friend won’t watch the ‘try because that baby’ choice appear. But there is a workaround. There is always a workaround (or a mod) in The Sims. There space actually two workarounds to have actually a baby v Guidry, therefore we’ll start with the simplest one.

After including Guidry to her household, head over to Create-a-Sim and also use the ‘play with genetics’ alternative to randomise the couple’s kid or children.

If you desire your sim to go v a pregnancy, you’ll have to use the to trust MC Command center mod. Girlfriend can also use pregnancy cheats, however trust united state on this one – utilizing MCCC is far easier. All you have to do is click the center you want to be pregnant and then pick Guidry (given a little bit the a makeover in our video game in the screenshot below) together your Sim’s partner.


If you carry out not know what MC Command center is, you deserve to read all around it top top the official website. Friend can likewise delete the mode as shortly as your sim is pregnant with Guidry the Ghost’s baby.


There won’t be anything different about the pregnancy for her Sim. The child likewise won’t have any special traits like once Sims have a baby v Father Winter, because that example.

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Next up for us: gaining Guidry and also Bonehilda to autumn in love and start a family. Yep. We know, we do the major investigative job-related over here.