(The tiny box drawn in the corner, way "at right angles", so we didn"t really require to additionally show that it to be 90°, but we simply wanted to!)

Try because that yourself:


Lines space parallel if lock are constantly the exact same distance personally (called "equidistant"), and also will never ever meet. (They also suggest in the same direction). Just remember:

Always the very same distance apart and also never touching.

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The red line and blue line room parallel in both this examples:


Example 1
Example 2

Try that yourself:

Perpendicular come Parallel

Question: What is the difference in between perpendicular and also parallel? Answer: 90 degrees (a right angle)

That"s right, as soon as we rotate a perpendicular line by 90° it becomes parallel (but not if the touches!)


Perpendicular ...
Rotate One heat 90°
... Parallel !

Likewise, parallel lines end up being perpendicular when one heat is rotated 90°.

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Parallel Curves

Curves can also be parallel as soon as they keep the same distance personal (called "equidistant"), favor railroad tracks.

The red curve is parallel to the blue curve in both this cases:


Parallel Surfaces

Surfaces can additionally be parallel, prefer this:



Lines and also Planes

Advanced Topic: girlfriend can likewise learn about Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Planes
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