We have actually all been self-conscious about something that us cannot change around ourselves at the very least once in our lives. That is an instinct to desire other civilization to view you as the best you have the right to be there is no considering if the is the real you or not. This ide was emphasized by the fiction writer Michelle Serros in her quick story “Senior photo Day”. Serros published this short story in her second book exactly how to it is in a Chicana role Model in 2000, i beg your pardon is a funny tale of a Chicana writer that is do the efforts to uncover a method to embrace two really different cultures without losing touch v who she is.

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She tends to target young adults particularly high school students who challenge insecurities and also feel the their appearance categorizes them in the eyes of the public. Also, she plan to compose this brief story in bespeak to to mark the idea that sometimes our perspectives the perfect are not constantly that.

Serros used a narrator as among her main characters, however did not cite his/her surname which bring up countless questions of that was this narrator.

go she characterize herself together a narrator or someone that she knew of?In addition, the location of her story “Senior picture Day” is somehow indirect to her key theme that the story, as the narrator brings back her old memories when she was in seventh grade.

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Moreover, Serros used countless literacy elements like characterization and also description especially to one unique character which was Terri, the narrator’s best friend in saturday grade. Why would certainly she usage these facets on this certain character, was she do the efforts to show her main idea through these elements.

beforehand in the saturday grade the narrator made a girlfriend by the surname of Terri, who she considered her as a finest friend.The narrator admired Terri’s life as Terri introduced her to countless explicit things, which contained the CB radio. Lock played through it, searching for older boys, and also they come up v cute nicknames for themselves, yet that is as soon as the narrator…

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